December 27, 2010

German Government Saw More Cyber Attacks in 2010

The German government said Monday that it detected a sharp rise in cyber attacks in 2010, which has sparked it to set up a center to deal with the danger next year.

"There has been a sharp rise in so-called electronic attacks on the networks of German government and local authorities," interior ministry spokesman Stefan Paris told a regular government briefing.

"Germany is a very high-tech country with considerable experience and know-how, so of course others will naturally try to get hold of this knowledge ... China is playing a large role in this."

He said that in the first nine months of 2010 there were about 1,600 of these attacks recorded, compared to a total of about 900 for 2009.

However, he said that the increase was partly due to more government business being conducted electronically.

Germany is far from being alone in seeing government agencies, firms and individuals coming under attack from foreign governments and organized crime attempting to hack into computer networks.

The U.S. created its own Cyber Command last year, while NATO leaders agreed in November to enshrine cybersecurity as one of the 28-nation military alliance's priorities.

About 65 percent of the world's two billion Internet users are believe to have been victims of cybercrimes, which is a trade so lucrative it is thought to be worth several times that of narcotics.