January 1, 2011

FBI Agents Seize Servers Involved In DDoS Attacks

Federal investigators have seized servers that they believe launched a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack against PayPal earlier in December.

An affidavit posted by the Smoking Gun contains testimony by federal agents convinced that systems at Texas hosting firm Tailor Made Services are likely to contain clues in the hunt for hacktivists who launched a DDoS attack against PayPal in response to its decision to freeze an account used by WikiLeaks.

Volunteers were encouraged by members to download a tool to pepper the websites of financial firms who had turned their backs on WikiLeaks, such as MasterCard, Visa and Swiss bank PostFinance.

FBI investigators are proceeding on the assumption that some used botnets of compromised machines in order to launch more DDoS attacks on Paypal.

PayPal supplied FBI agents with eight IP addresses of systems used to run IRC chat servers associated with planning the "Operation Avenge Assange" attacks.

The Texas systems were traced back through a compromised machine at Host Europe in Germany.  Investigators alleged that the command to launch an attack against PayPal was made through systems hosted by Tailor Made Services in Texas and relayed through servers at Host Europe in an attempt to disguise its origin.

The affidavit was used to obtain a search warrant used on a raid on Tailor Made Services on December 16.


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