Audiovox Enters Personal Sound Amplifier Market

January 5, 2011

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 5, 2011 /PRNewswire/ – International CES, Center Hall, Booth 10406-10418 — Audiovox Corporation (Nasdaq: VOXX) – Audiovox Accessories Corporation introduced two, Personal Sound Amplifier models for consumers who want to hear better in certain situations. These new Personal Sound Amplifiers provide a highly affordable solution for consumers with mild-to-moderate hearing loss.

Hearing loss is very common and a normal part of getting older – like what many of the Baby Boomers are beginning to experience. However, hearing loss is steadily increasing due to exposure to noisy environments, loud concerts, city traffic, power tools, and lawn mowers; and it is taking its toll on several different age groups.

“About 33 million Americans experience impaired hearing. And 75% of these people, who could benefit from some form of hearing device, do not have one,” stated David Geise, President of Audiovox Accessories Corporation. “We believe that an enhanced Personal Sound Amplifier can provide a convenient and highly affordable solution for all of those potential first-time hearing device users. This is an excellent solution for people who want to amplify their hearing in certain situations like a crowded restaurant, church, watching TV or, at the movies,” said Geise.

RCA “Symphonix”, model RPSA10 is a Personal Sound Amplifier which offers digital technology, clean amplification and discreet design. Symphonix is a one-size fits all hearing device that is ideal for people no matter their gender or age.

RCA Symphonix provides smooth amplification and background noise reduction over a wide range of frequencies. There is a convenient 3-step progressive volume control and on/off switch in the earpiece. The unit uses patented thin sound tubes that fit into either the left or right ear. Additionally, consumers can use Symphonix at the same time that they are using their Smartphone or cell phone.

The main body of Symphonix is constructed out of high-quality non-resonant material, which provides a comfortable fit. Symphonix weighs less than one quarter ounce, unlike other hearing devices on the market today. The small thin earpiece works well with consumers that might need to wear glasses along with a hearing device.

Symphonix also offers a simplified storage and charging base to take the fuss out of recharging the hearing device, and saves the user money by not having to purchase batteries. Consumers will find a power indicator in the base unit that shows when the earpiece is charging, and once the battery is charged. Symphonix delivers 15 hours of battery charge.

Retail price for the RCA Symphonix is $299.00, and it will be available in April 2011.

Acoustic Research will also be offering model APSA15. It offers enhanced noise reduction performance and will automatically read and adjust to background noise.

This sleek premium unit is designed with high-end hearing components that provide a comfortable fit. It has four volume steps, on/off control and cleaning accessories. The performance and fit of this discreet earpiece is ideal for people on the go.

Acoustic Research provides a stylish compact storage and charging base. The APSA15 will last for 15 hours of active use. The cradle housing is powered by a mini-USB power cable and there are no batteries to buy or replace.

In addition to the manufacturer’s warranty, there will be a complete service program offered.

The APSA15 will be available in May 2011 with a suggested retail price of $349.00.

To learn more about RCA and the new RCA Personal Sound Amplifier, please visit www.rcaaudiovideo.com.

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