January 9, 2011

eCoupled Shows Off Future Of Wireless Power

Nikola Tesla would be happy with the demonstration of wireless power eCoupled put on during the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.

Michigan-based eCoupled showed off a new revolution of technology that has the potential to power devices like iPhones to electric-vehicles.

"Wireless power is a lifestyle technology," the company said in a statement.  "Like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, it radically changes the way people are able to live their lives, offering new levels of mobility, convenience and safety."

eCoupled intelligent wireless power is able to help devices shed the use of cords to charge a device.  During CES, the company showed off how product packaging can use this technology to allow real-time communication from the package to the store shelf.

eCoupled displayed a General Mills Honey Nut Cheerios cereal box with its intelligent wireless power printed onto the actual packaging.  The cereal box's letters lit up like Las Vegas lights, which could help it stand out amongst other products.

This technology can also offer other low-cost applications.

"Wireless power integrated into smart packaging also works on the homefront, telling you how much food is on hand, nutritional information, and expiration dates -- all from a home inventory screen or smart phone," eCoupled said.

The company's printed coil technology allows users to control cooking temperatures from the package.  A user could use place a can of soup on an eCoupled-enabled surface and it will heat up to the packages selected temperature.  

eCoupled's display at CES showed off the future of wireless power and what is to come of how we will embrace it.


Image 1 Caption: Electronic device charger concept (Credit: eCoupled)

Image 2 Caption: A cereal box features lighted packaging, courtesy of wireless electricity. (Credit: eCoupled)


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