January 10, 2011

Futuristic Technology Takes Hold Of Today During CES

The Jetson's may have felt a little superior if they attended this year's Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, but the non-fictional characters who attended the event most likely felt as if they were peering into the future.

Vuzix has produced Star Wars-like technology capable of placing images on an empty table, while MultiTouch takes a page out of Minority Report's imagination by creating a 46-inch touchreen monitor with endless capabilities.

Vuzix's 920AR are augmented reality glasses that can view a 3D model a user has created using their software and virtually place it onto their desktop.  At Vuzix's CES demonstration, a user could put on the glasses and see a boat sinking into water on top of a desk, when in reality the desk had nothing actually on it.

This device has a lot of potential and designers are able to use Vuzix's maxReality software to create an "augmented reality interactive 3D experience," according to the company's website.

The retail price for the Wrap 920AR, along with its software, sits at $1,999, but a representative at CES told RedOrbit that he hopes one day they will have a more affordable version of the device out for the average consumer.

But Vuzix was not the only company pushing the current boundaries of technology at CES.  MultiTouch, a Finland-based company, showed off their "Cell" display, which is a "multitouch LCD for modular display arrays," according to the company's website.

Its multitouch LCD units are full HD and can be stacked in different ways.  At one display, MultiTouch demonstrated how its Cell can be used to play games like Pong. 

Another display showed off how menus can pop out of nowhere and land onto the table, allowing a user to order food or a drink from the tabletop. 

The technology of the Cell has limitless capabilities and is one more glimpse into what the future holds for how we will eventually interact with technology.

Image Credit: Lee Rannals, RedOrbit.com


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