January 10, 2011

Glasses Free 3D Technology Is This Year’s Betamax

Lee Rannals Op/Ed For RedOrbit.com - Have a question for Lee?

3D television scored big talk during the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), but glasses-free technology by companies like Toshiba failed to wow this consumer.

Companies like Sony and Samsung pushed their 3D technology to the max during the event, and there have been some improvements made compared to last year's models. 

However, it still seems improbable to buy 20 extra 3D glasses in order to have a Super Bowl party at your house so you can show off your brand new $3,000 living room centerpiece. 

So Toshiba is attempting to produce a solution for this problem: a glasses-free 3D television. 

Although the idea on paper is a grand one, the actual product is the biggest potential flop of the new year. 

When standing in front of the TV, it seems as though the engineers have blurred the background in order to make the objects appear to "pop out."

When viewing the picture, it makes you feel as if you are looking cross-eyed at a 1990's Magic Eye picture and are on the verge of making the image pop-out but are stuck in the "in-between state." 

Perhaps before companies start trying to push 3D technology on us, they should first work on making flat panel TVs more affordable so we can have our own iWall in our living rooms like the one Sharp displayed during CES.

The bottom line is even though 3D technology is still in its infancy stage, the glasses-free technology is the betamax of this year's CES.


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