Is Steve Bederman, CEO/Author, the Most Exciting Novelist of BestSellers in Business Thrillers in Today’s World?

January 11, 2011

Novels are still hitting #1 and #3 on Best Seller lists after one full month. Mr. Bederman has written a series starting with “ËœThe CEO’ and then on to “ËœExecutive Execution’ that are timely in this world of cagey business dealings. These are the best of the best, BestSellers.

Aurora, CO (PRWEB) January 9, 2011

Steve Bederman,CEO and Author said, “I know from what and where I write. I have had the opportunity to build a few companies, one of which took us from 2 poor entrepreneurs to a company valued at well over $100,000,000. When we were poor, no one talked to us. When we became dominant, then everyone had their hand out.”

The author went on to say, “Please don’t get me wrong, as I have run into a great many wonderful business leaders and even the best of the best regarding employees. Make no mistake though, a CEO has to keep his eyes constantly open and oftentimes the greed that underlines the nature of some people surprises even me. Sometimes, those that were the closest to me attacked me in the most painful way.”

“”I still love the building of companies, but I believe that when a customer chooses your products, they give to you a gift that you must return with passion, integrity, sound process, and relentless effort. They deserve no less. You read this thinking in my books.”

Steve Bederman went on to explain how difficult it is to build that sort of culture in his own businesses. “The writing of the novels THE CEO and Executive Execution is, cathartic for me and also has provided me a safe way to frame my business philosophies while scaring the begeebers out of the reader.” He laughed, then continues. “Parts of all the stories have happened to me, with a bit of poetic license too. The books also allows for a wonderful and simple way to show the reader, whether manager or consumer, better ways to expect companies to run. My core thinking about business is apparent all the way through.

Right now you can find the books under Suspense and Thrillers at Barnes and Noble e-book site, http://www.Fictionwise.com. You can also buy the books through the author’s web site, the publisher at http://www.SolsticePublishing.com, and Amazon. There are many more distribution channels and soon the reader should be finding the books on shelves in conventional book stores in the neighborhood. Steve Bederman encourages you to not wait, “Go to http://www.SteveBederman.com and at least read the beginnings of the books for free. Hurry, though, because I am just weeks away from finishing the third book in the Mitch Jacobs series called Business As Usual”¦don’t fall behind.

Mr. Bederman and The CEO and Executive Execution are #1 Best Sellers in Suspense at almost all of the major web bokk distributirs including Fictionwise, EReader, EBookWise, and the publisher that represents his books ; Solstice Publishing. To get a signed copy ,please fill out the contact form on his website at http://www.Steve Bederman.com. You can still receive “first published prints’.

His competitiveness runs through this last comment, “I love being Number One.”


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