New JouleX Energy Manager (JEM) Release Delivers Best-of-Breed Enterprise Functionality

January 11, 2011

ATLANTA, Jan. 11, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — JouleX, the leading innovator in enterprise energy management systems, announces today a significant upgrade to its network-based, “agent-less” product JouleX Energy Manager (JEM), with version 2.5. Today, JouleX is making it even easier for large, global enterprises to significantly lower their energy consumption, costs and carbon emissions.

Delivering powerful new enterprise functionality, the system-wide upgrade extends JEM with the addition of JouleX Mobile(TM)–a patent-pending, location-based “smart” mobile application for a company’s employees to manage the power usage of all their personal productivity devices such as PCs, MACs, Linux workstations, monitors, voice-over-IP phones, printers and wireless access points. Furthermore, JouleX Mobile provides an industry-first, “opt-in” web service to enable enterprise-wide sustainability programs and to foster quicker adoption of energy-saving policies. JEM 2.5 also greatly expands support for the IT infrastructure with native integration with Cisco EnergyWise API, Intel’s Data Center Manager/NodeManager and VMWare’s vCenter. JEM 2.5 also provides a variety of interactive, drill-down reporting, including the ability to identify top “power hogs” among all network-connected devices and systems. JEM version 2.5 offers more energy intelligence and visibility than ever while significantly increasing device coverage and accuracy.

“We will continue to evolve the JouleX Energy Manager to meet the unique energy management needs of the data center, distributed office network and facilities for our global customers,” said Tom Noonan, president and CEO at JouleX. “This release marks a significant advancement of our technology and is 100 percent driven by our customer’s input and requests, which underscores the commitment we have to our customers.”

The JouleX Energy Manager 2.5 Upgrade Supports the Ability to Monitor, Analyze and Manage Energy Usage

Launched in April 2010, JEM was the first network-based, “agent-less” energy management system that measures the energy consumption and utilization of all network-connected devices and systems to provide visibility into power usage across the enterprise. Since then, JEM has helped global companies reduce energy costs by up to 60 percent by monitoring, analyzing and managing the energy consumption of all devices and systems in the data center, distributed office network, and facilities–without the use of software agents–and all from a central location.

According to the December 2010 independent Forrester Research, Inc. report, The Evolution Of Enterprise Carbon And Energy Management Software, “The [Enterprise Carbon and Energy Management] ECEM market will grow at a compound annual growth rate of 83 percent, reaching $903 million by 2013… With an estimated takeoff year in 2008, the market is more than doubling from 2009 to 2010, reaching $163 million in 2010. Market growth for core ECEM systems will be driven by both increasing first-time adoption and companies’ expansions from selective to corporate-wide implementations.”

Key JEM 2.5 features that support and automate enterprise energy management include:

Increased Energy Intelligence and Visibility

JouleX Energy Manager extends automatic discovery and policy execution to support a broader set of IT infrastructure devices, including support for:

  • Cisco EnergyWise API
  • Intel Data Center Manager (DCM) and NodeManager
  • VMWare vCenter
  • WinRM device support
  • MAC power management
  • Active Directory Organizational Units (OU)

Improved Energy Measurement and Accuracy

JouleX Energy Manager significantly improves energy measurement and accuracy through a variety of new dynamic algorithms and JouleX’s TruJoule(TM) crowd-sourcing facilities:

  • Dynamic measurements for Linux and MACs
  • CPU detection and performance timers for improved measurement and visibility
  • JouleX’s TruJoule workflow-enabled, crowd-sourcing capability enables the JouleX customer community to anonymously share and leverage actual device measurements via the JouleX cloud

Increased User Productivity

The new JouleX Mobile “smart” application enables a company’s employees to more intelligently participate in corporate sustainability and energy-savings programs. JouleX Mobile is the industry’s first mobile application that enables smart phones and uses the GPS system to determine employees’ proximity to their personal productivity devices–to power them on or off based on their location. In addition, JouleX Mobile empowers employees to “opt-in” to a company’s IT sustainability program through a private web service, thus making enterprise adoption more successful through viral, peer-to-peer and self-selection initiatives.

Lower Energy Costs with Load-adaptive Computing(TM)

JouleX’s “load-adaptive computing” dynamically allocates computing resources based upon system and application utilization, driving more energy efficiency and optimization across the data center. JEM’s load-adaptive computing accurately measures system and application utilization and power loads while dynamically allocating computing resources as they are needed.

Ability to Identify Top Power Hogs and Energy-saving Opportunities

New JouleX Energy Manager reporting capabilities provide the ability to identify more energy-saving opportunities in the enterprise with a variety of new device, carbon and trending reports:

  • “Top 10″ power consumer, saver and emission reports by location, business unit and cost center
  • Location-based, carbon-emission tracking
  • Support for reporting of virtual devices
  • Trend reporting to track minimum, maximum and average consumption for devices
  • Average cost-per unit reports
  • Drill-down and interactive reporting

JEM 2.5 is available now, with scalable pricing starting at $10,000. Current JouleX customers with annual subscriptions can automatically upgrade to this newest version for free.

About JouleX

JouleX is the leading innovator in sustainable energy management systems for the enterprise. Its flagship solution, the JouleX Energy Manager (JEM), provides the Global 2000 and government agencies with the ability to monitor, analyze and manage energy usage for all network connected devices and systems across the enterprise, including in distributed offices, data centers and facilities. Importantly, JEM works without the use of software agents, dramatically reducing installation time and removing the maintenance burden associated with similar technologies. JEM decreases energy costs by up to 60 percent while ensuring availability and provides robust reporting that enables compliance with emerging carbon monitoring requirements.

JouleX was founded in 2009 and is privately held with capital investments from Target Partners and TechOperators. The company is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, with European offices located in Munich and Kassel, Germany. For more information, please visit www.joulex.net, call (404) 567-4445 or send an email to info@joulex.net.

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