Craig Mitnick Launches CRM Trust

January 19, 2011

PHILADELPHIA, Jan. 19, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — With the increasing attention to public safety alerts and interoperability solutions, Craig R. Mitnick has created CRM Trust, a strategic advisory firm and speakers bureau. The firm provides a forum for Mitnick and his colleagues to share their extensive knowledge of effective communication strategies and interoperability solutions with government agencies, corporations and the public. CRM Trust delivers strategy that assures government entities and corporate organizations highly effective and creative processes of policy analysis, decision-making, and overall growth.

Mitnick, who will serve as the firm’s Managing Director, began his career as an Assistant Prosecutor in two separate counties in the state of New Jersey, where he successfully prosecuted major crimes over his four-year tenure. He also acted as a certified instructor of law and procedure at two countywide police academies during the same time period. After leaving the public sector, Mitnick entered the private practice of law, where he specialized in criminal defense and matters involving law enforcement.

Mitnick’s success as a prosecutor and private attorney attracted the attention of several major media outlets – including FOX Television Stations Group, FOX News Channel, FOX Radio Network, and CBS – all of whom contracted him as an on-air legal analyst and commentator.

In 2007, Mitnick founded Nixle, an information and technology company that enables law enforcement and public safety agencies to communicate privately using innovative interoperability technology, and to send out geographically-targeted public safety alerts.

“In today’s technically advanced world, government and corporate entities must communicate important information quickly in order for the information to remain valuable and for the entity’s continuity,” said Mitnick. “Mass media outlets no longer meet the expectation of the public when it comes to neighborhood-level information. There is no doubt that there is a growing expectation that highly localized information should be available instantly via our cell phones and mobile devices.”

A seasoned public speaker and broadcast personality, Mitnick also delivers compelling, provocative, and insightful commentary on topics ranging from effective communications, to the journey of an entrepreneur, to motivational speaking. For a more in-depth description of CRM Trust’s suite of services, please visit www.crmtrust.com.


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