Oclaro to Launch High-Performing 808nm Laser Diodes with Exceptional Reliability at Photonics West 2011

January 20, 2011

SAN JOSE, Calif., Jan. 20, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Oclaro, Inc. (Nasdaq: OCLR), a tier-one provider of optical communications and laser solutions, today announced a new line of laser diodes that feature the highest level of efficiency and performance in the industry by combining the best laser diode technology from Oclaro’s Zurich facility with the excellent packaging technology from Oclaro’s Tucson site. This new line of laser diodes, available to customers today and being showcased at Photonics West next week, are Oclaro’s first laser diodes to ship in volume into products originally developed in Tucson, including the collimated bar series and Prosario(TM) Series. Primarily used for diode pumped solid state lasers and direct medical applications, these new integrated platforms provide end-users and integrators another level of performance with a more compact size, more efficient thermal management and increased power.

“We are proud to see our integration efforts delivering the excellent results we anticipated,” said Yves Le Maitre, Executive Vice President and Division Manager at Oclaro. “These new laser diodes demonstrate how we can take advantage of Oclaro’s economies of scale and expertise to deliver the highest level of cost savings, operations efficiencies and manufacturing excellence – and then leverage the resulting technology across multiple Oclaro product lines.”

Oclaro delivers the industry’s most expansive line of high-powered laser diodes and achieves lower costs and higher operating efficiencies through economies of scale, greater factory utilization and its assembly and test manufacturing capabilities in Asia. Its customer base, which includes top-tier companies in the medical and industrial markets, continues to grow as manufacturers steadily turn to lasers for new and innovative applications.

Delivering Leading Brightness and Power

Targeted at solid state laser pumping, direct diode applications and medical markets, Oclaro’s new line of 60W 27%FF (Fill Factor) bars and 80W 50%FF bars are developed for CW (Continuous Wave) operation on a conductive heat-sink. The 60W and 80W diode bars offer leading brightness and power on an industry standard CS type assembly, which is fully compatible to previously released products. The increased brightness of the 60W product makes it most suitable for beam shaping and fiber coupling applications, while the 80W product excels in pumping applications and line sources.

These laser diode bars represent the first Oclaro E2 facet passivated and hard-soldered bars to be incorporated in Oclaro’s collimated bar series and fiber coupled Prosario series. By integrating this technology into these two series, Oclaro can improve their output power, efficiency and reliability in order to offer customers a higher performing solution. This is another example of how Oclaro is taking its core technology and leveraging it across multiple product lines and markets.

Highest Level of Reliability

The new Oclaro high-powered laser products feature the Oclaro E2 mirror passivation process which protects the front facet of the bar against catastrophic optical mirror damage. In addition, the telecom grade AuSn (gold tin) hard solder makes the product suitable for industrial and defense applications in CW and hard-pulse operation mode. These two innovative manufacturing technologies significantly extend the life of Oclaro products by providing the highest level of reliability and robustness even in the most demanding applications.

In addition to showcasing its new high power laser diodes at Photonics West (Booth # 1001), Oclaro will be presenting six technical papers at associated symposia BIOS and LASE 2011.

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Notes to editors:

  1. Photonics West will take place on January 22-27, 2011, at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, CA.
  2. Oclaro will be exhibiting at the Photonics West exhibition at Booth #1001 and BIOS Booth #8715.
  3. To arrange an interview with representatives of Oclaro before or during the show, please contact Erika Powelson at +1 (408) 332-5877 or erika.powelson@taniscomm.com.

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