January 24, 2011

New JFK Tribute iPad Application Released

A new iPad application has been released that is a tribute to John F. Kennedy's life, 50 years after the president's inauguration.

The app, dubbed "JFK Historymaker," includes a new biography titled "JFK History Maker - A Fifty Year Retrospective" as well as photographs, video and audio clips, the text of major addresses, letters, and his calendar.

"The paper book is limited, in that you can't see all the supporting documents, videos and photographs," Schulman, who simultaneously created the app as he was writing the biography, told Reuters.

The application allows a user to look into the president's meetings on issues like civil rights and how much time he dedicated to it, watch video clips and read the full test of Kennedy's speeches.

"There are lots of different levels. With the app you can really dig deeper, and do your own research, you don't have to rely just on my voice as the biographer," said Schulman.

He said that his Civil War app, which was published last summer, is being used in schools.

A November Gallup poll found that 85 percent of the surveyed said Kennedy continues to earn the highest retrospective job approval rating from Americans

"One thing I've really come to appreciate over the years of researching him is that JFK was an extraordinary president, and not just because he was assassinated," Schulman told Reuters.