OpTier Solidifies Business Transaction Management Leadership With Patent for Active Context Tracking Technology

January 25, 2011

NEW YORK, Jan. 25, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — OpTier, the leader in Business Transaction Management (BTM) for the enterprise, today announced that it has been awarded a patent for its Active Context Tracking® (ACT) technology by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (patent #7,805,509). The patent, titled “System and Method for Performance Management in a Multi-Tier Computing Environment,” validates OpTier’s technology for tracking all transactions on all tiers in an organization’s infrastructure all of the time, providing a proactive approach to monitoring business transactions and eliminating outages across the enterprise.

ACT is a key component of the OpTier BTM(TM) solution which takes a business-centric approach to Application Performance Management (APM) focused on end-to-end transaction flow. ACT enables monitoring of every transaction on every tier of the IT environment in production on a 24/7 basis. In contrast, traditional APM solutions make use of transaction sampling — creating blind spots to potential problems (e.g. quick spikes). OpTier BTM is the only solution that provides a full transactional view of the infrastructure, critical to proactively isolating performance issues and other key IT service management functions such as capacity planning, change management and cloud performance monitoring. By leveraging the intelligence delivered with OpTier BTM, organizations can improve end-user experience, increase user productivity and dramatically reduce operational costs.

“BTM–pioneered by OpTier back in 2002–is now recognized by industry analysts as a must-have for optimal service management,” said Russell Rothstein, vice president of product marketing at OpTier. “The ACT patent further validates our leadership in BTM at a time when IT management and monitoring solutions are more important than ever. In order to gain a competitive edge and keep customers satisfied, organizations need unparalleled visibility into all business transactions regardless of their complexity and OpTier BTM meets that need incomparably.”

OpTier BTM uses ACT technology to provide automatic, continuous discovery of the links between business services and IT components without any manual modeling or mapping. Since ACT works automatically and continuously in the production environment, OpTier BTM provides IT staff with an up-to-date view of the application topology, transaction flows and service dependency map. As a result, the IT staff always knows which business transactions have stalled/failed as well as the source of the problem. This type of transparency coupled with BTM’s superior end-user experience solution with unique change-impact analysis, not only helps business line managers and IT proactively detect problems, it also helps them understand the end-user experience impact of any given change. Ultimately, OpTier BTM provides business and IT decision makers within the organization with timely and actionable information about business transaction performance status, root cause of problems and expected business impact.

“The complexity of many transactional business services has reached a point where the diversity of issues coming from multiple dependencies is way beyond team skills and cooperation. The difficulty of resolving issues in transactions and applications directly affects the quality of service and the enterprise’s overall productivity and revenue. It’s also a source of unplanned work for many IT resources, which has consequences on IT operational costs. Consequently, IT management tools and especially application performance management (APM) and business transaction monitoring (BTM) have gained in importance over the past year,” said Jean-Pierre Garbani, vice president and principal analyst at Forrester Research, Inc., in the September 2010 independent report, Competitive Analysis: Application Performance Management And Business Transaction Monitoring.

OpTier has been awarded patents for its ACT technology also in the European Union, China and Australia. Applications are pending in other countries.

About OpTier

Of the billions of business transactions conducted every second, more are assured by OpTier than by any other IT management software company.

OpTier’s Business Transaction Management solution (OpTier BTM(TM)) enables business application owners to take control over service performance and availability. OpTier BTM assures the quick and successful execution of all business transactions, by managing every step of every transaction. It delivers unparalleled visibility of all business transactions in order to eliminate outages, effectively manage change and improve end-user experience. OpTier, with a fast-growing list of Global 2000 customers, pioneered the concept that transactions are where IT and business meet.

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