UK Knack Group State Wiltshire to see the creation of 300 new jobs thanks to Gregg’s

January 29, 2011

A new factory at Solstice Park in Amesbury will create 300 jobs, courtesy of Gregg’s Bakery.

(PRWeb UK) January 28, 2011

A new factory at Solstice Park in Amesbury will create 300 jobs, courtesy of Gregg’s Bakery.

Announcing the news, Executive employment consultancy UK Knack Group said that Gregg’s has been granted planning permission to build on a five-and-a-half-acre site near Amesbury’s Holiday Inn motel.

UK Knack Group’s managing director said, “This is wonderful news for Gregg’s economically, because its nine shops located in Wiltshire are supplied at the moment by factories that are based in the south-east, South Wales and Birmingham.

“This sort of rationalisation is good for Amesbury, because the other factories will still have markets, while there’ll be more work for people around the south-west.”

Bakers’ Food and Allied Workers’ Union representative Dave Dash said news of the jobs would be welcomed. “In this economic environment, it’s good to see the company progressing in the south-west,” he said.

UK Knack Group said the new Gregg’s factory is part of a plan to open 250 bakery shops in the south-west in the next few years. It’s intended to operate 24 hours for six-and-a-half days a week with two deliveries leaving the bakery every day.

Gregg’s Bakery says it hopes the new building will be up and operational with 24 months.

The planning application was supported by Amesbury Town Council and the economic development team of Wiltshire.

Amesbury is, of course, one of the most historically awesome places in Great Britain, as Stonehenge falls within its parish, and the convent to which Guinevere of Arthurian legend retired was the one at Amesbury. The town’s name itself comes to us from Ambrosius Aurelianus, who lead the Romano-British resistance against Gallic (or Saxon then) invasions during the fifth century.

UK Knack Group said, “This is the sort of area that deserves all the recognition it can get, and if big business can chip in to some extent, that’s great! The rural areas of Britain were as hard hit as any by the recent financial sticky patch, probably more so, because in a country town of only 8000 like this one there might only be one of each industry, say bakeries, and it’s hard to pick up another job straight away.”

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