Bling Nation ‘Likes’ Chicago, in National Rollout of Innovative FanConnect Social Rewards Program

February 7, 2011

PALO ALTO, Calif., Feb. 7, 2011 /PRNewswire/ – Bling Nation® is announcing the rollout of its mobile platform by launching its FanConnect social rewards program in Chicago, as part of a broader national rollout. FanConnect gives businesses the opportunity to connect with customers when they visit, which can generate awareness, encourage in-store traffic and build customer loyalty through special rewards. Every time a customer earns a reward, they’re able to share it with their hundreds of friends on Facebook, who can grab that deal and use it when they visit the business.

After its successful debut in the San Francisco Bay Area and other communities, Bling Nation is bringing FanConnect to its biggest market yet, enabling brick-and-mortar businesses to engage with their customers both online and offline with one simple tool to enable customized rewards and discount offers. Residents of Chicago will now be able to discover deals and get rewarded every time they visit their favorite local businesses. FanConnect enables businesses to reward their consumers, and let them share these rewards with their friends on Facebook.

“Thanks to Bling Nation we can be a more integrated part of our customers’ lives, not only in the store but online as well,” said Steve Eckert, owner of Declan’s Irish Pub in Chicago. “Bling Nation helps businesses like mine easily create a powerful rewards program that encourages new and repeat customers.”

Bling Nation is working with a variety of businesses in the downtown and surrounding areas of Chicago, including: Bachman Aero, Declan’s Irish Pub, Deleece Restaurant, Gauntlet Warbird, Kickstand Cafe, Noble Tree Cafe, Ortanic, Shred Shop and White Glove Car Wash.

“We see such a huge opportunity in Chicago with FanConnect to help businesses differentiate themselves in an increasingly competitive market,” said Meyer Malka, co-CEO for Bling Nation. “Our product helps them bring in new customers and make their existing customers more loyal by leveraging the power of social media and word of mouth advertising.”

How It Works

To find Bling Nation deals, consumers can go to Facebook and add the Bling Nation application or view a deal a friend has shared on their wall. Once consumers grab a deal online they come into the business to redeem it, without needing to bring a printed coupon. Once they claim their deal, they receive a BlingTag® to use every time they visit a business to accumulate rewards for future purchases. Every time they earn a social reward, customers will automatically share a special offer to their Facebook wall and the first 5 friends to click on the post will grab the deal for their next visit to the business.

FanConnect is available to any Chicago business. When a business signs up they will receive a starter kit, which includes all the tools needed to implement the program including a voucher printer, BlingTags and merchandising materials. For information on how a business can add FanConnect, visit www.blingnation.com.

About Bling Nation

Bling Nation helps businesses turn their best customers into Fans and their friends into new customers through social rewards. Bling Nation is a mobile platform that enables unique tap-and-connect capabilities with rich social media connectivity and cost-effective mobile transactions, closing the loop between the online and offline customer experience at checkout. For additional information, visit www.blingnation.com or www.facebook.com/blingnation. Join the Bling Nation!

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