February 14, 2011

Type-Free Text Input Options Coming To Android Devices

Nuance Communications Inc's., Dragon Dictation software has been touted as a leading application in speech-to-text software which can turn spoken instructions into e-mails, SMS text messages, social network updates, web searches, instant messages or almost anything traditionally done using a keyboard.

Its FlexT9 mobile application, launched in the United States last month, adds the possibility of tracing continuously from one letter to the next on a touchscreen keyboard without lifting one's finger between letters, according to a Reuters report.

FlexT9 combines Dragon Dictation, T9 Trace, T9 Write and XT9, empowering consumers to choose how they stay connected, whether they speak, trace, write or tap. Many users have upgraded to smartphones already offering full keyboards such as Research in Motion's BlackBerry, and touchscreens led by Apple's iPhone, according to PR Newswire.

Nuance and others are providing new choices to consumers in how they interact with their devices. Google says one-quarter of Web searches on phones based on its Android software are already done using voice input instead of typing.

John West, Nuance mobile solutions architect tells Reuters, "What we're looking at is the real usability of the keyboard." FlexT9 will now be available in UK English, German, French, Italian and Spanish in addition to US English for users of Android smartphones.

There are no current plans for an iPhone app, as Apple does not allow its keyboard to be taken over.


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