February 14, 2011

Barnes & Noble Woos Amazon Affiliates

Barnes & Noble Inc. has invited Web operators that are affiliates of online retailer Amazon to switch to its network.

The affiliates found themselves in the middle of a battle between Amazon and several states that argue Amazon has a duty to collect sales tax when those affiliates operate in their state.

Barnes & Noble invited affiliates of Amazon to join its group, saying it would take care of collecting and remitting sales taxes due on Barnes & Noble Web sales on their behalf to shield them from action from state tax auditors.

The bookstore chain also accused Amazon of preferring to harm those businesses "than comply with state law."

An Amazon spokesperson could not immediately be reached for a comment.

Barnes & Noble said its network has 13,000 affiliates.

The bookstore chain has invested in developing its Web site and its Nook electronic reader to win a share of the growing ebooks market as its bricks-and-mortar stores find a long-term decline.


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