New Site Tells You How to Determine Your Shag Score (Shagability)

February 14, 2011

PALO ALTO, Calif., Feb. 14, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Shagscore.com is a new site launching on Valentine’s Day that gives users a shag score in a quickie. The site uses a complex, shagadelic algorithm to determine if your plans will help your Valentine’s Day date “get in the mood.” It also determines if your chosen location will deliver a higher likelihood of getting lucky (hotel, B&B or parent’s basement). The site is designed to fulfill both men and women’s needs. But mostly men’s.

The lead engineer on Shagscore.com said, “my team developed the idea after feeling very frustrated about forecasting our own shagability. We were also inspired by a recent viewing of an Austin Powers’ movie. We believe that this site will help everyone, everywhere get more shag. Or at the very least really get their hopes up.”

The site is in the “randy” alpha phase, but, according to site users, is already reaching new levels of jiggity.

The scores are designed to reflect your shagability, and are carefully measured to give useful results that include a range from Lone Ranger to Zen to Spooner.

Quick Facts:

  • Shagscore.com launched on Valentine’s Day, 2011.
  • In a recent survey, 95% of the site users found their shag score increased by an order of magnitude after repeated use and just being held.
  • Investors prefer to remain anonymous.
  • Shagscore.com is already being considered the latest breakthrough in the social realm.

Approved Quotes:

  • “Shagscore.com changed my life,” said John S., frequent shagger.
  • “I wish all my boyfriends used Shagscore.com,” said Ms. Coquette, another user.
  • “Shagscore.com is the future,” said all five engineers on the project. It should be noted they are not able to share their own shag score, as the algorithm in place does not consider imaginary numbers.

About Shagscore.com

Shagscore.com is a website designed to give you more shag and thus create more love in your life. It is free to use and share with your friends and family. The site is G rated.

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