VIP Communications Releases 2011 Expat Valentine’s Day Holiday Calling Report

February 14, 2011

ASHBURN, Va., Feb. 14, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — VIP Communications, Inc., a leading provider of international calling services and solutions, today announced the official release of its 2011 Valentine’s Day Holiday Calling Report, a comprehensive report that provides an inside look at the holiday calling trends and habits of expat communities from over 100 countries throughout the world.

To conduct the report, VIP Communications analyzed the increase in average daily call volume, average time spent on the phone, and several other calling patterns of more than 40,000 expat customers from over 100 countries. Key highlights from the report include:

  • Valentine’s Day 5th on List of Most Popular Calling Holidays: Valentine’s Day ranks 5th on the list of holidays for callers from across the world, with an average daily increase of 9 percent in call volume on that day compared to normal days. Christmas is the most popular calling holiday with an average daily call volume increase of 55 percent, followed by New Year’s (37 percent), Mother’s Day (33 percent) and Father’s Day (14 percent).
  • That’s Amore!: The study finds that, when it comes to making phone calls on Valentine’s Day, Italians are the most committed, with a 144 percent increase in call volume on that day compared to a normal day, more than any other country in the world.
  • Europeans Love Valentine’s Day: It’s not just Italians that “love” Valentine’s Day, but Europeans, in general. According to the report, the top expat communities that call home the most on Valentine’s Day after Italians are France with a 127 percent increase in call volume on that day and Spain with a 116 percent increase in call volume.
  • Korea, Ivory Coast and Nigeria “Heartbreakers” on Valentine’s Day Calling List: The study finds that Korea, Ivory Coast, and Nigeria finished in the bottom three when it came to increase in call volume during Valentine’s Day. In fact, among each of these three countries, the average daily call volume actually decreased by 41 percent on Valentine’s Day.
  • Mama’s Boys and Girls: While two African countries ranked in the bottom three when it comes to calling home during Valentine’s Day, African countries dominated the list of those who called home most frequently during Mother’s Day. Expats from Ghana, South Africa and Cameroon finished in the top three communities to call home during Mother’s Day, with an average 86.3 percent increase in call volume on that holiday.

For more information on VIP Communications, including customer registration information, and details on the 2011 Valentine’s Day Holiday Calling Report, please visit www.JoinVIP.com.

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