Introducing SearchReviews, the One-Stop Site That Connects Users to More Than 36 Million Consumer Reviews

February 15, 2011

PALO ALTO, Calif., Feb. 15, 2011 /PRNewswire/ – SearchReviews (www.searchreviews.com), which aggregates more than 36 million customer reviews, launches today, giving users the ability to search through reviews of nearly 3.5 million products on 1,011 leading sites, from Amazon to Zappos. SearchReviews lets consumers track ratings by their peers or search entire reviews for product specifics as written by other consumers. The launch includes the unveiling of the SearchReviews app for iPhone and Android, which enables consumers to remotely access reviews in-store with the scan of a product barcode.

Ever research a product or service only to find online reviews that overhype a feature, or worse yet, overlook an annoying shortcoming? At SearchReviews, consumers point out the helpful, revealing details that can make all the difference, from the hair dryer with the deafening motor, to the hot smartphone du jour with the unreliable antenna, to the vacation hotspot depicted in sumptuous photos that fail to document an ongoing construction project. SearchReviews eliminates the need to sift through innumerable sites as it finds the most relevant results in the most candid reviews.

Unlike traditional search engines, SearchReviews finds reviews from across the Internet and aggregates them together before taking the extra step of analyzing and monitoring consumer sentiment – illuminating the key concepts and attributes included in reviews, thereby identifying groundswell trends before they may appear in the mainstream media. Existing review sites conduct searches based on the product or service’s name; SearchReviews takes it to the next level by searching both the name and the content of the review associated with the product or service – scouring advantages and disadvantages of real products reported by real people – all making SearchReviews the ultimate cure to buyer’s remorse. SearchReviews looks at latest in-demand electronics, travel, beauty, fashion, and much more.

SearchReviews aggregates reviews from 1,011 leading sites, including TripAdvisor, eBay, Sephora, Wal-Mart and QVC. SearchReviews is adding 2 million reviews each week as it aims to hit 100 million consumer-generated reviews in 2011. Unlike other search review sites, SearchReviews drives traffic and revenue back to the original site where the review initially posted.

“SearchReviews proves that a little pre-purchase research goes a long way as it brings all available reviews together in one place – so consumers don’t have to wander from site to site or sort through a jumble of irrelevant information,” says SearchReviews founder and CEO Ankesh Kumar. “SearchReviews does the heavy lifting – online, via mobile or in-store with a barcode scanner – as it sifts through millions of reviews, providing the cure for buyer’s remorse.”

About SearchReviews:

SearchReviews is the cure for buyer’s remorse as it aggregates over 36 million online reviews – written by fellow consumers providing helpful, real-world observations and tips not found in product specs or professional reviews. The company was founded by CEO Ankesh Kumar, a start-up veteran who has raised a total of $50 million of venture capital for the three companies he founded. Ankesh sold two of his companies to Monster and Kronos and sold the search patent for the third to Google. SearchReviews is an angel-funded company headquartered in Palo Alto, Calif.

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