February 16, 2011

Motorola Announces $799 Price Tag For Tablet

Motorola chief executive Sanjay Jha said on Wednesday that the company's Mobility Holdings Inc.'s Xoom tablet will sell for $799 at Verizon Wireless, with WiFi-only version priced at around $600.

"Competing with Apple you have to deliver premium products," Jha said, adding Xoom software was also upgradeable.

Motorola is late getting into the tablet market, which was created by Apple's iPad last year.  The market is expected to reach total sales volumes of around 50 million units this year.

Jha said nearly all Motorola products will use Google's Android software this year. 

"I am as focused on Android as I ever have been. As a result of Nokia adopting Microsoft it's possible that some of the other players concentrate on Android," Jha told reporters in Barcelona on sidelines of Mobile World Congress trade show.

He said he hoped alternative operating systems to Android would still stay on the market.

"I hope there will be at least three or four. I love Android, but I hope as hell there won't be just one."

Jha said the company was looking at possibly having its own application store.


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