Perimeter E-Security Delivers Threat Intelligence Service in Partnership with Secunia

February 17, 2011

SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 17, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Perimeter E-Security, the trusted market leader of information security services, today announced that it has entered into a partnership with Secunia, the world-leading provider of reliable and actionable Vulnerability Intelligence.

As the threat landscape is evolving on a daily basis, it is imperative that organizations and their IT security teams are aware of the latest vulnerability threats. Perimeter E-Security’s Threat Intelligence Service, powered by Secunia, delivers the latest vulnerability information to customers. The service delivers only what is relevant to each customer, reducing the time for planning and remediation that may be required. The service will be available to both Perimeter’s Vulnerability Management and MSSP customers beginning in Q1 2011.

“Secunia’s leadership in vulnerability advisories make them an excellent partner for Perimeter E-Security. With more Fortune 500 companies, financial services firms, and mid-sized businesses relying on our information security and secure messaging services than ever before, our Threat Intelligence Service must be powered by the best-in-class vulnerability data,” stated John Viega, Executive VP, Products and Engineering, Perimeter E-Security. “We continue to evolve our services to deliver the most comprehensive protection for our customers’ networks. The Threat Intelligence Services provides the data that customers need to plan for necessary system updates to be informed against the ever-changing cyber security threats.”

Through this partnership with Secunia, Perimeter E-Security will receive real-time vulnerability information directly from Secunia’s award-winning Vulnerability Intelligence service. Threat Intelligence Service subscribing customers will receive daily updates for the vulnerabilities most relevant to their IT environments. “Knowledge is power – and powerful knowledge is what Secunia provides. Secunia’s Vulnerability Intelligence is a complementary match for Perimeter E-Security’s services, providing customers with valuable insights into the dangers that they may be facing so that they can adapt swiftly and take remedial action,” said Niels Henrik Rasmussen, CEO & Founder, Secunia.

About Secunia

Secunia is the leading provider of IT security solutions that help businesses and private individuals globally manage and control vulnerability threats and risks across their networks and endpoints. This is enabled by Secunia’s award-winning Vulnerability Intelligence, Vulnerability Assessment, and Patch Management solutions that ensure optimal and cost-effective protection of critical information assets. Secunia’s proven, complementary portfolio; renowned for its reliability, usability, and comprehensiveness, aids businesses in their handling of complex IT security risks and compliance requirements across industries and sectors – a key component in corporate risk management assessment, strategy, and implementation.

As a global player within IT security and Vulnerability Management, Secunia is recognised for its market-driven product development; having revolutionised the industry with verified and actionable Vulnerability Intelligence, simplified Patch Management, and automatic updating of both Microsoft and third party programs.

Secunia plays an important role in the IT security ecosystem, and is the preferred supplier for enterprises and government agencies worldwide, counting Fortune 500 and Global 2000 businesses among its customer base. Secunia has operations in North America, the UK, and the Middle East, and is headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark.

For more information, please visit secunia.com

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    Niels Henrik Rasmussen, CEO, Founder
    E-mail: nhr@secunia.com
    Mobile: +45 2123 4634

    Thomas Kristensen, CSO, Co-founder
    E-mail: tk@secunia.com
    Mobile: +45 2690 7565

About Perimeter E-Security

Perimeter E-Security is the trusted market leader of information security services that delivers enterprise-class protection and compliance. Through its cost-effective and scalable SaaS platform, Perimeter offers the most comprehensive compliance and security solutions that include: end-to-end secure messaging solutions, managed security services, vulnerability management and security consulting services.

For more information about Perimeter E-Security visit www.perimeterusa.com.

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