Xelltec Announces Revolutionary New Laptop Security Microchip

February 18, 2011

WILMINGTON, Del., Feb. 18, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — The Xelltec Integrated Security System (XISSYS) patent-pending microchip is a cutting edge “embedded security” solution, designed to allow users to easily disable a stolen laptop, smart phone, or other mobile device.

“When a laptop or smart phone is stolen, the thief can easily gain access to sensitive data, including telephone numbers, bank account numbers, emails, text messages, passwords, privileged company information, and much more,” explained Ken Willard, CEO. “However, any mobile device with our microchip can be immediately and completely disabled, preventing a potentially devastating security breach.”

The microchip is unique in that it provides the user with multiple options if their mobile device is lost or stolen.

The microchip can wipe out data, or it can physically destroy the mobile device so that it is completely inoperable. And if the user needs the data that is on the mobile device, then the data can be copied remotely from the device to a server, before the data is destroyed.

“When the backup process is finished, a new process can be initiated inside the main boards which generates a high-frequency voltage that zaps all of the hardware parts of the device and destroys the device, so neither the device nor the parts are usable any more. It is a powerful anti-theft deterrent,” Willard said.

The microchip also acts as a tracking device, enabling the owner to find the physical location of their stolen laptop or smart phone.

Xelltec is planning to form strategic alliances and corporate partnerships with popular main board and computer manufacturing companies in the United States and internationally.

Xelltec delivers end to end hardware and software security solutions for protecting enterprises assets and valuable data from attackers and thief’s seeking to exploit hardware and software systems.

Xelltec’s exclusive products are optimized and hardened in security for every organization dealing in hardware/software systems and willing to do safe and secure data transactions over the World Wide Web.

Those seeking more information may contact CTO Sharwan K. Joram, at sharwan.joram@xelltec.com or CEO Ken Willard, at ken.willard@xelltec.com or by phone: (1) 302 504 4320.

Website: http://xelltec.com

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