February 20, 2011

Browser Wars Heating Up

Internet search leader Google released a revamped version of its Chrome Web-browser on Friday, touting that the overhaul is keeping up with the arrival of the lunar year of the rabbit, calling the new version "quick as a bunny," AFP reports 

The overhaul comes as Microsoft and Mozilla are also beefing up their Web browsers to keep a competitive edge in the Internet browsing software market.

Microsoft released its Internet Explorer 9 last week boasting improvements in speed, security, privacy, and website graphics capabilities. As of Friday, the IE9 'release candidate' has been downloaded more than two million times, according to Ryan Gavin, the senior director of the IE team.

"We are especially excited to see the number of partners and developers embracing IE9 and taking advantage of the performance capabilities," Gavin said in a blog post.

Mozilla released a test version of its Firefox 4 last week as well with enhancements that include a "Do Not Track" feature people can use to signal websites that they do not want their online activities recorded.

"We've continued our work to improve performance and stability, while also implementing a 'Do Not Track' privacy feature to provide more control over online behavioral tracking," Mozilla said.

Google released extension software for its Chrome browser last month that let users opt out of being tracked by companies online. "Keep My Opt-Outs" lets people opt out of having "cookies" installed on their computers to track online behavior for the purpose of targeting ads.

Microsoft built "Tracking Protection" into its IE9, but users have to be knowledgeable enough to activate the feature and create lists of the third-party sites they do not want to track their behavior.


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