Mexico City Partners With IBM to Integrate New Software Programs and Improve Schools Throughout the Capital

February 24, 2011

MEXICO CITY, Feb. 24, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — The Department of Education of the Federal District has entered into a partnership with IBM aimed at advancing education in the capital and offering Mexico City’s children a better future. IBM will donate its “Reading Companion” software program to improve the English-language programs offered at Mexico City’s high schools, as well as the company’s “Little Explorer” learning modules, which will expand computer-based learning resources available to preschool students throughout the capital.

“This partnership is another example of how the Government of the Federal District continues to take action to strengthen our city’s schools,” said Mario Delgado Carillo, Education Secretary of the Federal District. “With these new technologies, we will further augment the quality of the education students receive in Mexico City.”

Secretary Delgado continued, “We are encouraging students to learn English and are providing them with access to the best resources in the world. The children of Mexico City have incredible talent and they are going to continue to work hard. This new partnership with IBM is about ensuring they have the opportunity to grow in their academic pursuits.”

IBM’s donation of the Reading Companion software will provide the opportunity for over 20,000 students at every secondary school campus in Mexico City to learn English in a more dynamic way. Reading Companion is an invaluable resource to learn and teach English as a second language. The software gives teachers the ability to keep accurate records of every student’s progress, enabling them to tailor teaching efforts to the needs of each student’s individual needs in a more personalized way.

In addition, the Little Explorer module is a multi-faceted, interactive learning software that offers innovative lesson plans to reinforce the disciplines of mathematics, basic science and literacy in preschool students. IBM’s donation will expand the technological resources available at Mexico City’s Child Development Centers and allow more than 2,000 preschool children to benefit from the enriched curriculum the Little Explorer provides. IBM donated 100 interactive modules to the Child Development Centers in Mexico City, accompanied by an equal number of instruction manuals developed by the National Council for the Promotion of Education “for teachers to link activities software with the official program of study.”

Secretary Delgado added, “These two programs will significantly augment Mexico City’s education system. Going forward, we will build on this partnership with IBM and continue to improve our schools so students are equipped to take advantage of greater opportunities in the future.”

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