March 4, 2011

Net Heavyweights To Meet In Paris In May

A sector source said Friday that the heads of Facebook, Google and eBay will be invited to meet in Paris in May to formulate proposals on the future of the Internet.

According to an AFP report, the French government "has decided to organize a forum in Paris days ahead of the G8, bringing together the heads of various Internet firms along with experts and specialists."

French President Nicolas Sarkozy originally proposed this meeting back in January during a visit by U.S. counterpart Barack Obama.

"The heads of Facebook and Google, Mark Zuckerberg and Eric Schmidt, as well as eBay, Twitter, and (Chinese search engine) Baidu," will be among the main invitees for the Paris meeting, the source told AFP.

"A delegation will then head off for Deauville to transmit their opinions and conclusions," to the heads of state and government gathered there for talks on May 26-27.

The source said that at Sarkozy's initiative the issue of the Internet is include on the G8 agenda, to allow discussion on hot topics like cybercrime, domain name governance, freedom of expression and protection of private data.

Some of those subjects could still be taken off the agenda if the summit participants are not in agreement.


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