March 7, 2011 Report: Android Market Share Surpass iPhone and Blackberry

Beijing, Mar 7, 2011 - (ACN Newswire) - reports that Google's Android mobile phone accounted for 30% in the United States smart phone market, which surpassed apple and blackberry.

Compared with last December, in January Google platform market share increased by 2%. In the United States smart phone market, Google Android operating system already owned 29% share market. Although Android mobile phone market shares slightly higher than apples iPhone and blackberry, but RIM Company and Apple are still ahead of other mobile phone manufacturers, because apples and RIM only manufacturing and selling their own operating system smart phone.

From manufacturers ranking to see, HTC ranked No. three, HTC smart phone accounted for Android mobile phone 12%, HTC Windows Mobile orWindows phone 7 market shares is 7%.

Motorola is the second biggest Android mobile phone manufacturers, in Android mobile phone it accounted for 10%. pointed out although Samsung Galaxy S tablet PC sales exceeded 10 million, but Samsung Android market share is only 5%.

Although Android mobile phone manufacturers compete against each other to launch fashionable smart phone, but Apple's iPhone remains one of the most popular smart phone, till now Apple has sold 10 million unitsiPhone. Apple will also launch iPhone 5 this summer.

RIM blackberry mobile phone market share in decline, because the RIM Company concentrates their energy to release Playbook tablet PC, therefore had no time to care new generation of blackberry mobile phone.

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