On-Demand IaaS Provider SingleHop Expands Cascade Cloud Hosting Platform

March 8, 2011

CHICAGO, March 8, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — SingleHop, Inc., a Chicago-based on-demand Infrastructure as a Service provider, today announced the expansion of their recently launched Cascade cloud hosting platform.

With the expansion, SingleHop customers can now choose to create either a bare metal virtual machine, which stores data locally, or a Canopy virtual machine, which pushes the data to a scalable SAN. In addition, the update includes support for customers to be able to create an unlimited number of virtual machines on their dedicated server.

Cascade is an extension to a dedicated server. By adding Cascade to a server, clients can create and manage Bare Metal virtual machines or Canopy virtual machines from the same dedicated server, and from a single environment, which is the LEAP Platform (API & Webtop).

“We see everything we do as providing on-demand computing. The addition of Bare Metal and Canopy virtual machines to our Cascade Platform introduces on-demand cloud storage to our clients, and makes the underlying hardware even more transparent than ever before,” said SingleHop President and Chief Executive Officer Zak Boca.

Canopy virtual machines are intended for mission critical virtual environments. While the processing is done on the dedicated server side, storage is done on the SAN. This allows the client to use a Canopy VM as an extension to the cloud; if customers need more space on their servers, they can create a Canopy VM to scale storage by as much as they need, and be billed for usage. Canopy virtual machines are constantly monitored, so that in the event that the host node crashes, SingleHop will live migrate the Canopy VM to a stand-by server.

Bare Metal virtual machines are intended for high I/O environments. The processing and storage on a Bare Metal virtual machine is done on the client’s dedicated server. This enables clients with I/O applications to provision virtual machines that best meet their needs, and to scale Bare Metal virtual machines to more powerful servers as needed.

“Our expansion of Cascade’s offerings was a direct result of our close relationship with our customers. We listened to how they were using our new cloud hosting platform, and designed these new products to better fit the way they wanted to implement Cascade’s cloud capabilities,” said SingleHop Co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer Dan Ushman. “The new Bare-Metal product, as well as our new Canopy cloud storage system, will enable our customers to have more control through instant and unlimited VM deployments, along with cloud hosting redundancy and scalability.”

Bare metal servers and the Canopy cloud storage option are available starting today. For more information, please visit: http://www.singlehop.com/cloud/

About SingleHop, Inc.

Headquartered in Chicago, SingleHop is an award-winning, on-demand infrastructure provider. The firm’s focus on automation has led them to develop powerful datacenter-grade controls, available to all clients for the management of their servers, services, and cloud computing services. SingleHop leads its industry as the fastest growing host, and in 2010 was ranked as the #3 fastest growing IT service firm by INC Magazine’s INC 500 list. For more information, please visit http://www.SingleHop.com or call 1-866 817 2811.

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