Grid Dynamics’ New Cloud Services Division Features Jumpstart OpenStack Offer for Enterprise-Level Installations

March 10, 2011

FREMONT, Calif., March 8, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Grid Dynamics, the authority on cloud computing deployments and enterprise systems scalability, has created a Cloud Services division to provide an end-to-end cloud solution for enterprise-level customers. The company is also launching a limited-time offer to Jumpstart OpenStack installations.

Since its inception in 2006, Grid Dynamics had been using cloud computing to bring scalability and elasticity to the enterprise IT. The new Cloud Services division will aggregate all of the company’s cloud expertise, intellectual property, and resources under one roof and focus exclusively on helping enterprise customers build and deploy large-scale cloud platforms.

“We have been working on cloud solutions before there was even a name for it,” noted Stan Klimoff, Director of Cloud Services at Grid Dynamics. “As the cloud market grew and advanced, we developed a complete suite of consultative, engineering and integration services for the enterprise cloud adoption ranging from readiness assessments to production implementations. We predict that 2011 is the year when cloud computing becomes a core part of the enterprise IT strategy, particularly with respect to private clouds. We want to be ready to offer proven, complete, and cost-effective solutions when the market is ready for them.”

Grid Dynamics has selected OpenStack, the leading massively scalable open source cloud operating system, as a preferred platform for the private cloud solutions. OpenStack Jumpstart(TM) service, available immediately to qualified customers, allows customers to quickly begin test-driving the OpenStack platform for non-production use. Recipients of the OpenStack Jumpstart(TM) will get a POC-level private IaaS cloud running over dedicated physical hardware able to provision, scale-out and tear down complete application deployment environments on-demand. Some of the most frequent uses of short-lived on-demand application environments are for software product development, quality assurance and customer demonstrations.

“We believe large enterprises will continue to own datacenters and computing infrastructure, turn them into private clouds and supplement with on-demand resources from the public cloud providers,” said Victoria Livschitz, founder and CEO of Grid Dynamics. “Many of our customers are planning to bring applications running on public clouds back in-house. Today, the maturity of out-of-the-box private clouds is still lagging significantly behind public clouds, but it will not be this way forever. An open-source solution will be a preferred choice for many enterprises. We have been looking for the right technology to emerge in the private cloud space for a while, and we feel OpenStack has all the right ingredients. Today, we can ease the learning curve for the early adopters through services like OpenStack Jumpstart(TM) and then contribute the lessons learned back to OpenStack community. Then in the near future we will be using OpenStack to build mission-critical enterprise cloud platforms.”

About Grid Dynamics

Grid Dynamics helps companies achieve better performance, higher availability, faster time-to-market and lower operational costs by scaling mission-critical systems. Using the latest advancements in grid and cloud computing technologies, the company helps customers turn monolithic applications into scalable services; and static, underutilized server clusters into virtualized compute clouds. For more information about Grid Dynamics Cloud Services and OpenStack Jumpstart(TM) service, visit cloud.griddynamics.com.

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