TTU Store Provides Consumers With Durable, Beautiful Kitchenware Items

March 14, 2011

LOS ANGELES, March 14, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Today’s consumer demands products that are functional, attractive, and made to last, whether it’s something as complicated as a computer or something as simple as a frying pan. By meeting consumers’ expectations for high quality items, the Tabletops Unlimited Store has established itself as a premier online and wholesale retailer of kitchen cookware and serveware products for a variety of applications.

On the TTU Store website, shoppers are able to browse through hundreds of beautiful kitchen items, including cast iron cookware, Dutch ovens, porcelain dishes and platters, utensils, cutlery and much more. The vastness of TTU’s selection is attributed to its diverse product lines and commitment to being a one stop shop for its loyal customers. While many popular TTU kitchen items can be found in various retail chains across the country, the TTU website caters to customers who enjoy the comfort of shopping from home or who do not live near a store that carries TTU items. One of TTU Store’s most popular product lines happens to be striped Sedona mugs, which are prominently featured on the hit CBS TV show, Two and a Half Men. TTU Store is also a popular destination for those seeking high quality cast iron items, such as skillets and Dutch ovens. Visitors to the website are able to take their pick from an ever rotating selection of festive and unique sale items and dinnerware sets.

With 27 years running as premier cookware manufacturer, TTU Store’s inventory is composed of an eclectic variety of quality ceramic, porcelain, cast iron, and aluminum dishware and kitchenware online. With a dedication to durable and functional cookware, TTU Store aims for 100% satisfaction with its customers. TTU’s broad selection of cast iron cookware, porcelain dishes, bowls and more has designated it as the go-to provider for all the kitchen accessories that help prepare and serve a great meal.

To shop TTU Store’s inventory and browse through hundreds of unique dishware items, including Two and a Half Men mugs, please visit www.TTUStore.com

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