March 15, 2011

Biz Stone To Advise AOL On Social Impact

One of Twitter's co-founders is joining the ranks at AOL, and its newest acquisition, the Huffington Post Media Group, as an advisor on social impact.

Biz Stone, in his new role at AOL, will work on a new platform to help people become more involved with community service and will work with other companies to promote philanthropy and corporate responsibility.

Tim Armstrong, chief executive of AOL, said on Monday that Stone will be working toward "using innovative approaches to do good and give back."

Huffington Post Media will also be hiring former NY Times and LA Times journalist John Montorio as their culture and entertainment editor, and will also bring in 10 other new reporters.

The news comes after AOL cutback nearly 20 percent of its workforce -- roughly 900 jobs worldwide -- including some 200 media jobs in the United States. That move came after its $315 million buyout of Huffington Post.

AOL said hiring the new team will cut out its reliance on freelance writers. 


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