March 15, 2011

Time Warner Cable Launches Live Television iPad App

Time Warner Cable Inc. has launched a new iPad application that allows users to watch live TV.

The app will be available for customers who subscribe to both the company's cable and Internet services.   The free application will also only be able to be used from home.

Time Warner Cable's chief operating officer and president Rob Marcus said in a statement that the app will play 30 basic cable channels in high definition to start.

"For all intents and purposes ... this enables you to convert any room in a house into a TV room," Marcus said.

Other cable companies like Comcast Corp. have iPad apps that play video on demand.  The largest cable company promised that its app will play live TV before the end of the year.  Cablevision Systems Corp. said that it will have one out even sooner.

Time Warner Cable's app does not allow access to video on demand or shows stored on a digital video recorded.  However, Marcus said in a statement that these features will be added later. 

Netflix Inc. and Hulu Inc. already have apps that stream movies and TV shows to the iPad. 

Some people have started canceling their cable subscriptions in favor of Internet viewing.

"Increasingly, customers want more flexibility in the way they view content, whether that's on different devices or in different rooms of the house," Marcus said.

Time Warner Cable has 12.4 million video subscribers, which makes it the second-largest cable company behind Comcast. 


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