New High-Margin Medical Supply Product for Power Wheelchairs ““ The PUMPâ„¢ ““ Seeks Wholesale Opportunities with Medical Supplies Distributors

March 22, 2011

A new medical supply product for power wheelchairs – The PUMP ““ is now available to medical supplies distributors. The first-of-kind medical equipment is a power wheelchair accessory from BIOTX Ltd. enabling a person with a spinal cord injury to easily empty their urinary leg bag directly into a toilet or urinal with a simple press of a button. This highly profitable patent-pending medical supply product provides a person with a spinal cord injury with a higher degree of independence, dignity and privacy by permitting bathroom or public restroom use without assistance.

Seattle, WA (Vocus/PRWEB) March 22, 2011

Medical supply distributors can now offer their customers a first-of-kind, highly profitable and patent-pending power wheelchair accessory. BIOTX Ltd. today announced their new power wheelchair accessory The PUMPâ“¢ – http://www.wheelchair-freedom.com/ is now available to medical supplies distributors and medical equipment suppliers. The PUMP enables a person with a spinal cord injury to easily empty their urinary leg bag directly into a toilet or urinal with a simple press of a button. This new medical supply product offers significant profit potential with a minimum 20% mark-up for medical supply distributors and a 75% margin opportunity for their customers. BIOTX Ltd. also offers medical supply companies lucrative quantity and container-load purchase discounts, just-in-time fulfillment options from their fulfillment center in Traverse, Michigan, as well as 30 day terms and discounts for pre-pay or early-pay, and high quality sales materials and incentives for medical supply distributors’ sales representatives.

“The PUMP is a first-of-kind medical supply product for people with a spinal cord injury,” said Robert D. Vernon, CEO of BIOTX Ltd. “The PUMP succeeds where other medical supplies have failed. We were able to create a new medical supply product for people in an electric wheelchair that not only offers significant profit potential for distributors, but facilitates mobility, enables a higher degree of self-sufficiency, and encourages independence for the user,” concluded Vernon.

The PUMP is sanitary and easy to install. It attaches to the outlet of the leg bag and directs the flow of urine out through the tip of a flexible Wand. A switch activated by the user turns the Pumping Unit on and off, and an ultra compact 12-volt Lithium Polymer Battery powers The PUMP for up to five days with an overnight charge. It installs easily and quickly on virtually any power wheelchair. When the urinary leg bag is full, maneuver the wheelchair within arm’s length of a toilet or urinal and extend the Wand. Press the Switch twice to activate the Pumping Unit and urine will flow from the leg bag and exit from the tip of the Wand. When the leg bag is empty, press the Switch once to turn off the Pumping Unit and return the Wand to its stowed position. Cleaning The PUMP is easy – a Rinse Kit is provided which includes a highly concentrated cleaning fluid and a custom standing pouch. It provides numerous health benefits – most notably providing users with the opportunity to drink as much as desired – thereby encouraging better hydration and avoiding the risks of urinary tract infections, Autonomic Dysreflexia and hypotension.

Wholesale cost of The PUMP is $200 with minimum order quantity of 10 units. Medical supply distributors, wheelchair service centers and other medical distributors and medical equipment suppliers can visit http://www.wheelchair-freedom.com/index.php?page=distributors for more information. For details or to place orders, contact Robert Vernon at 206-973-7387.

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