HR Leaders Expose Mounting Complexities in the Global War for Talent

March 22, 2011

LONG BEACH, Calif., March 22, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Globalization. Social networks. Cross-generational conflicts. Engagement. Retention. Transparency. Authenticity. These are some of the challenges facing frontline recruiters and Chief Human Resource Officers (CHRO). What are forward-thinking organizations doing about it? Plenty…

According to Peter Clayton, host of the career and leadership podcast, TotalPicture Radio, “Where HR leaders struggle to recruit and retain high potentials to drive market share and compete in a global economy, they’re turning to HR experts that have been in the same corporate trenches themselves.” He added, “The recession has brought seismic gaps of expertise in the executive recruiting and staffing functions of many organizations.”

Clayton interviewed principals and top echelon clients of Riviera Advisors during the company’s 10th anniversary event in Long Beach, California. Global players included Research In Motion (BlackBerry), ADP, AMN Healthcare, East West Bank, and Southern California Edison.

“It was an occasion to reflect and to celebrate,” stated Jeremy Eskenazi, Managing Principal of Riviera Advisors, “it also sparked deep community dialogue concerning sea changes we’ve faced in HR in the last decade.” Eskenazi is the founder of Riviera Advisors, a global human resources consulting firm that employs sophisticated levels of expertise in talent acquisition and helps organizations improve, enhance, and optimize their corporate recruiting and staffing capabilities.

Rodney Moses, VP of Global Talent Acquisition at RIM, confirmed the war for talent is real. “From a recruitment perspective… it’s game on. We’re all looking for the best talent… It’s going to be a real challenge in the next five or six years for companies to be able to hire all the right talent that they need.”

Miriam Mahfouz, staffing leader with ADP, talked with Clayton about the significant challenges she’s seen in the past decade. “I think the marketplace is completely different. The way talent is attracted is different. Using social media has become a significant part of our strategy.”

Dan Kilgore, a principal with Riviera Advisors, spoke to how converging technologies, virtualization, and instant communication helps companies recruit on a global scale: “Business is beyond our borders, beyond our continent and that means recruiting is worldwide.”

Julie Fletcher, SVP of HR of AMN Healthcare said, “I think that HR does have a larger role than it’s ever had… We’ve had a challenging couple of years with the recession and yet we really never took our eye off of continuing to focus on our people, in good times and bad.” Fletcher is a keynote speaker this week at ERE Spring in San Diego, an important industry conference.

“There are few functions in human resources that have changed more radically in the last ten years than the talent acquisition one,” said Terry Schuler, EVP and CHRO at East West Bank. “When it comes to selecting a consulting firm to bring in, I want a partner with real-world experience, that’s walked in my shoes.”

Each of these executives shared their personal stories; how working with Riviera Advisors has positively impacted their business. Mahfouz from ADP said it was about gaining perspective: “Jeremy and his team bring an external point of view and really understand our organization. That’s been beneficial and very positive for us.”

Moses of RIM dove into cost versus “innovation of hire,” revealing how many in the industry focus on decreasing cost per hire rather than “people assets” as what is really drives shareholder value. “We’ve got to empower people… Trust in the recruiting relationship is critical.” Moses describes Riviera Advisors as a company that’s about making the profession better. “They truly want to see you be successful and help us all step up our game. They’ve saved my companies millions of dollars while helping us to be more strategic about recruiting.”

“We are razor focused on staffing, recruiting and talent acquisition,” said Riviera Advisors’ principal Diana Meisenhelter. “You can’t outsource culture, and recruiting is all about hiring for fit. To be a good recruiter today, you need to make sure that you’re recruiting for a company you truly believe in.”

These HR leader’s interviews, including transcripts, can be found on TotalPicture Radio, totalpicture.com, iTunes, and rivieraadvisors.com/podcasts.

Jeremy Eskenazi

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