March 22, 2011

LinkedIn Now Boasts 100 Million Members Globally

The online social network LinkedIn now has 100 million users around the world and over half are from outside the U.S.

LinkedIn said on Tuesday that it is now growing at a rate of about 1 million new members each week.  The new total is about 10 million more than LinkedIn disclosed in a regulatory filing on March 11.

LinkedIn Chief Executive Jeff Weiner wrote in a blog post that Brazil and Mexico are among LinkedIn's fastest growing countries.

The online social network for professionals and job seekers is hoping to raise up to $175 million in an initial public offering (IPO) to help it capitalize on the interest in privately held Internet companies like Facebook, Twitter and Groupon.

LinkedIn said in a regulatory filing for its IPO in January that a "substantial majority" of its members do not visit the site on a monthly basis.

The site launched a personalized news service two weeks ago in an attempt to attract more of its users to the site.

The social network site launched in 2003 and started out in the living room of co-founder Reid Hoffman.

It took 494 days for the first million members of LinkedIn to sign up.


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