Hitachi ID Launches Privileged Access Manager, Self-Service Anywhere

March 23, 2011

New release of Hitachi ID Management Suite includes access control for
privileged accounts, session monitoring and access to self-service for
mobile users

BOSTON, MA, March 23 /PRNewswire/ – Hitachi ID Systems, a leading developer of identity and access management solutions, today
released version 7.1.0 of its ID Management Suite. The new release
includes updates to Password Manager and a rebranded Privileged Access Manager, both with important new capabilities.

Privileged Access Manager

With the release of version 7.1.0, Privileged Password Manager is
rebranded as Privileged Access Manager to reflect its broader
functionality. This includes the ability to connect users to privileged
accounts without manipulating passwords, as well as several other
important new features, including:

        --  Session monitoring, to record video display, keystrokes, webcam
            images and more during login sessions to privileged accounts.
            Session recording is accomplished without a software
            installation on user PCs or managed systems and without having
            to route user logins through a proxy server.
        --  A new auto-discovery system, capable of discovering,
            classifying and probing over 10,000 managed systems per hour.
        --  New access-disclosure methods, such as assigning temporary
            group memberships on Windows systems and establishing temporary
            SSH trust relationships on Unix/Linux systems.
        --  Built-in identity management features to manage user membership
            in AD or LDAP groups, since these groups normally control
            access-disclosure policies.

“The new capabilities of Privileged Access Manager make it the most
scalable and robust product available for securing administrator, DBA
and service accounts,” said Idan Shoham, Hitachi ID CTO. “The new auto-discovery system will significantly reduce the cost of
deploying and managing Privileged Access Manager, while the new
session-monitoring feature creates a detailed forensic audit trail. The
new features are offered at no extra charge and create an excellent
value proposition for our customers.”

Password Manager

Version 7.1.0, of Password Manager is the first solution on the market
to enable mobile users with corporate laptops that use cached domain
credentials to access self-service password reset, right from their
locked-out login screen. This capability, called Self Service Anywhere,
allows access to password reset and smart-card PIN reset from home,
from a hotel room and even using a public WiFi hot spot or aircard.

“Password Manager is the most comprehensive authentication-management
platform available,” said Shoham. “It supports password reset, PIN
reset for smart cards and OTP tokens and key recovery for users with
full disk encryption on their PCs.

“Users can access self-service from a full or smartphone web browser,
over the telephone and even from a locked-out login screen, and from
anywhere, be it a coffee shop or airport departures lounge.”

This announcement coincides with a presentation by Shoham at SecureWorld
Boston, titled “The Intersection of Cloud Computing and IAM.”


Hitachi ID Password Manager 7.1.0 and Hitachi ID Privileged Access
Manager 7.1.0 are both available immediately. Existing customers should
contact their account representative to arrange for an upgrade. New
customers should contact sales@hitachi-id.com or call 1.403.233.0740.

About Hitachi ID Systems, Inc.

Hitachi ID Systems, Inc. is a leading provider of identity management
solutions. Hitachi ID Management Suite has been licensed by hundreds of
mid- to large-sized organizations worldwide. Hitachi ID Systems’
solutions enable organizations to effectively manage every aspect of
the user lifecycle. Hitachi ID Management Suite includes Identity Manager, Password Manager and Privileged Access Manager. Industry analyst firm, Ovum Consulting recently ranked Hitachi ID among
enterprise software powerhouses as an identity and access management
suite provider to consider, citing the company’s robust technology and
exemplary customer support.

For more information about Hitachi ID Systems, Inc. and its products,
please visit the corporate web site at http://Hitachi-ID.com or call 1-403-233-0740.

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