March 28, 2011

Facebook Wants Obama’s Former Press Secretary

Former White House press secretary Robert Gibbs is on Facebook's most wanted to hire list, reports the New York Times.

According to sources, there is no formal offer, but only early talks about Gibb's joining the Facebook senior post of managing their communications. The company is looking to offer its shares to the public early next year, people briefed on the talks shared with the Times.

Gibbs had planned to help the Obama 2012 presidential campaign. However this could change as Facebook offers him a lucrative deal that includes a cash salary plus shares in its stocks, sources say.

A widespread reshuffle of the Obama administration to prepare the president for his final two years in office led to Gibbs dismissal as press secretary. However, the Guardian reports that he has remained part of the Obama inner circle without a formal post to the White House.

Facebook is the social network giant that is 600 million users strong and growing. The company is valued at $50 billion in January, reports the Guardian, and could be worth up to $75 billion if it goes public.

Lobbying for Facebook in Washington has already begun in anticipation of the public offering early next year. Mark Zuckerberg knows that as Facebook grows, so should its presence with policy makers such as the Federal Trade Commission, the Office of the National Intelligence and the Defense Intelligence Agency, reports the Guardian.

Both Gibbs and Facebook have declined to comment, but Facebook wants Gibbs to make a quick decision.


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