March 28, 2011

British iPhone Users Wake Up Late Due To Glitch

Some iPhone users in the UK were late to work on Monday after a glitch caused their alarms to malfunction.

The users' wake-up alarm came either an hour late, one hour early or not at all.

The problem is related to the clock going forward for British Summer Time, and it does not appear to have affected everyone.

Apple has not announced what caused the glitch, but similar problems affected the devices in the U.S. as well.

According to user reports, the glitch has affected non-recurring alarms set within the iPhone's calendar application, rather than its dedicated alarm clock.

The glitch first appeared in the U.S. last November during the switch from Daylight Savings Time.

A similar issue hit iPhones on January 1, 2011, despite promises from Apple to correct it.


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