March 28, 2011

Nintendo 3DS Now Available In The US

Nintendo released its glasses-free 3D handheld gaming system on Sunday in the U.S.

The $250 Nintendo 3DS features a 3.5-inch screen, takes 3D photos and will play 3D movies streamed from Netflix later on this summer.

This is just another of the many handheld gaming systems Nintendo has introduced in the past two decades.

Video game analyst Jesse Divnich of Electronic Entertainment Design and Research told The Associated Press (AP) that the reason demand for Nintendo's DS has slowed over the past year is due to people holding out for the 3DS.

Nintendo sold about 145 million units of the DS systems around the world as of December 31, 2010. 

Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter told AP that Nintendo will sell "as many as they can make" of the handheld devices over the next 12 months.

Nintendo released another 3D gaming system in 1995 called Virtual Boy, which required bulky headgear and displayed all images in red.

The technology used to create images on the 3DS is called a "parallax barrier" LCD screen, which work as if two sets of thin blinds were laid over the screen so people's eyes can see a different version of the image.

The 3DS launched in Japan a month ago and has been the country's top selling console, selling out all 400,000 units produced.

Isaiah Johnson, a 31-year-old, was the first U.S. customer to purchase the 3DS.

He arrived a week before the official New York launch for the gaming system, but police arrested him by Tuesday because he was asked to move along as there was no one else in line. 

He still hung around the store afterwards, avoiding police, and became the first person to own a 3DS at midnight Saturday.

In 2006 he became the first person in America to buy the motion control Nintendo Wii console.


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