Livewire Digital Announce New Features to M-Link Live X, to be Showcased at NAB 2011

March 28, 2011

LONDON, March 28, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Livewire Digital Ltd are pleased
to announce that they will be showcasing their market leading video transport
solutions at NAB 2011.

One key development is the introduction of error correction to M-Link
Live X. This feature can improve the picture quality over 3G, WiFi or
challenging terrestrial networks. As the Internet is used more extensively
for live content delivery, the error correction feature becomes more
necessary. New M-Link Live X features are available to new customers or those
with support contracts in place.

M-Link Live X offers two key error corrections modes, Forward Error
Correction (FEC) and Livewire Acknowledged Mode (LAM). The FEC mode of error
correction requires a fixed transmission overhead where the trade-off is
additional bandwidth and the associated increase in latency required to
perform the error correction.

Livewire Acknowledged Mode (LAM), is designed to offer a lower overhead
as it will only send additional data if packets are lost in the network.
However, LAM is designed for low latency circuits where it is possible to
re-send lost data packets within an acceptable time.

Richard Aylmer-Hall Business Development & Product Manager said “The
M-Link product range is increasingly popular within the global broadcast
industry, we have new customers across Europe, the USA and the Middle East.
Following the mass roll-out of Newscaster HD to Sky News last year, Sky
Sports have recently followed suit and are using M-Link Newscaster for
contribution of HD content to Sky’s 24 hour Sports News channel. This is all
testament to the Livewire ethos of listening to customer requirements and
having the expertise in house to deal with any support issues to ensure that
the customer’s story gets through.”

Bob Hutchinson, Field Support Team Leader at ITN commented: “Calls made
using M-Link Live X maintain high quality video over a low latency
connection, call set up is simple thanks to the intuitive user interface.”

SOURCE Livewire Digital Ltd

Source: newswire

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