April 4, 2011

Comcast CEO Raked In $31.1 Million In 2010

Comcast CEO Brian Roberts received a compensation package worth $31.1 million in 2010, which is up 14 percent from a year before as the company worked to complete a deal to become the majority owner of NBC Universal.

The majority of the increase formed from a performance-based cash bonus of $10.9 million, which is up from $8.2 million a year earlier.

Comcast's board used a formula based on the company's cash flow and revenue and a subjective factor to determine Roberts' bonus should have been $13.4 million.  However, they said that he and other top executives asked not to receive their full bonuses.

According to a proxy filling with the Securities and Exchange Commission, last year Roberts received stock and option awards worth $11.2 million, which is up 3 percent from a year earlier.

He received a base salary of $2.8 million in 2010, which was down 4 percent from $2.9 million in 2009.

Comcast said that Roberts and other executives asked that their salaries be frozen through February 2011.

Roberts compensation package also included $2.9 million in above-market benefits on deferred compensation.

He received compensation totaling $3.2 million last year, which was up 9 percent from $2.9 million in 2009.  Roberts perks in 2010 included $3 million in company contributions to his deferred compensation plans.  He also was awarded $10,000 in company contributions to retirement-investment plan accounts, and $195,767 for the personal use of a company aircraft.

Comcast posted a 2010 net income of $3.64 billion while its revenue rose 6 percent to $37.94 billion from $35.76 billion.


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