QoE Systems Unveils Next Generation Q-Master2 Video Quality Analyzer For SD, HD & 3DHD Video Services

April 5, 2011

LOS ALTOS, Calif., April 5, 2011 /PRNewswire/ – Developing test and measurement tools for QoE (Quality of Experience) applications, QoE Systems, Inc., today releases its next generation Q-Master2(TM) Video quality analyzer system. The Q-Master2 solution is designed for telecommunications and new-media development engineers within System OEMs, Service Providers and Military that need a flexible and cost-effective solution to test, measure and analyze the video quality generated and received by their new-media products, services or signals. A tool for laboratory environments, the Q-Master2 system uses the just released ITU-T J.341 standard perceptual analysis recommendation to generate a Mean Opinion Score (MOS). The MOS represents the end-user’s perception of quality from the device under test. These devices include codecs, transcoders, gateways, set top boxes and other types of video networking equipment.

“The use of perceptual measurement algorithms enables System OEMs and Service Providers to test, measure and analyze the quality of their products from the end-user’s perspective,” said Walter van Hooff, President of QoE Systems. “This unique measurement approach combined with Q-Master2′s flexibility and Microsoft Windows® based user interface sets a new standard for quality test and measurement analyzers.”

Q-Master2 is the first tool that can accurately assess the video quality of 3DHD, together with SD and 2DHD video. Provides both digital interfaces: 10/100/1000 Ethernet, SDI/HDSDI, HDMI and analog interfaces: Component, S-Video & Composite. The new version has both analog as well as digital termination and enables the user to use his own test clips. It is therefore unique in its capability to assess video quality as perceived by the viewer in the mixed IPTV environment; no other instrument currently available has such capability. There is also a software only solution available which is file based only.

Q-Master2 Video provides the following metrics: an overall MOS score, Blocking, Blurring, Jerkiness, PSNR, and PSNR vs. time, lost frames and/or packets, and many others. Features such as “extended time” for long duration tests, real-time mode for creating reference clips “on the fly”, etc. make this product very versatile and can be used for many scenarios. Additional algorithms will soon be available for no-reference video, lip-sync, etc.. The Windows® based GUI provides many graphics and a video playback that enables quick and comprehensive quality assessment analysis.

Pricing and Availability

Q-Master2 Video is available today directly from QoE Systems for Video Quality Assessment starting at $37,990.00.

About QoE Systems

Founded in 2000, QoE Systems is a leading provider of voice, audio and video QoE monitoring and quality assessment solutions. The firm’s Q-Master line of test instruments for voice, audio and video quality assessment deliver a comprehensive test and measurement suite to telecommunications equipment manufacturers and service providers. All of QoE System’s products utilize ITU perceptual algorithms such as PESQ to test and measure multimedia quality from the end-users perspective. QoE Systems is privately funded and located in Silicon Valley, CA. For more information, visit the company’s Website at http://www.qoesystems.com or call 650-314-0112.

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