3VR Releases New S-Series Video Intelligence Appliance With Enterprise-Class Video Storage

April 6, 2011

RAID Memory and 15x Greater Data and Evidence Retention Over Conventional DVRs at an Entry Level Price

LAS VEGAS, April 6, 2011 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — Today, 3VR, Inc., the video intelligence company, announced major enhancements to its Video Intelligence Platform(TM) [VIP] S-Series appliance, the most compact and economical recorder in the 3VR portfolio. The new appliance combines several new features that improve security effectiveness and operational efficiency without the cost and installation complexity of other video management systems.

Key enhancements to the new S-Series include RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks) storage options of up to two terabytes and the highest possible analog camera resolution. The appliance is designed to operate in confined spaces such as ATM or retail kiosks, convenience stores and small business offices.

“With a focus on reliability, ease of implementation and a reduced barrier to entry, the new S-Series appliance addresses the budgetary constraints of our customers,” said Al Shipp, chief executive officer, 3VR. “We are focused on making it easy for any organization to gain useful and measurable business benefits – whether related to security, customer service, marketing or operations – from their video surveillance assets.”

The S-Series provides customers in a wide variety of industries, including financial services and retail, with an economical and compact option that offers powerful enterprise features with the redundancy needed for maximum evidence retention. The S-Series provides an entry point to 3VR’s Video Intelligence PlatformTM.

The VIP S-Series features include:

  • RAID Storage Options and Improved Capacity: With patented video analysis capabilities that isolate and store critical images, 3VR’s SmartStorage(TM) technology increases data and evidence retention by up to 15x over conventional DVRs and video management systems without the need for additional hard drives.
  • Field Replaceable Storage: To eliminate downtime and significantly reduce the troubleshooting effort required by a failed drive, the new S-Series features “hot swappable” hard drive replacement capabilities.
  • Highest Quality Analog Video Capture Available: With all analog cameras able to record 4CIF at 30 frames per second, users have a greater ability to record and analyze high-quality video without purchasing additional hardware.
  • Easy Migration To IP Camera’s: As a hybrid DVR, the S-Series supports a wide variety of IP cameras, allowing users to benefit from the latest IP technologies, including multi-megapixel cameras and 3VR Camera Virtualization. Such technologies improve monitoring and investigations while lowering physical and operational costs.
  • Simple Integration to External Data Systems: 3VR provides users with visual intelligence by integrating with a growing universe of systems, such as point of sale (POS), ATM, access control, alarm, transaction and other systems, allowing easy searches by transaction number, cashier ID, and a range of vectors. Monitoring becomes smarter and investigations more efficient.
  • “Future-Proof” 3VR Video Intelligence Platform (VIP) Analytics: The S-Series can be upgraded to run up to 4 channels of 3VR’s tightly integrated video analytics, including people counting, license plate recognition and more. 3VR VIP Analytics delivers faster and more effective monitoring, analysis and operational intelligence.

The new S-Series expands 3VR’s Video Intelligence PlatformTM, which also includes the powerful and flexible P-Series appliance, as well as the 3VR Server-Class, a Windows-server solution offering maximum integration and management capabilities. All 3VR solutions feature advanced search capabilities, state-of-the-art central management options and a comprehensive range of proven video analytics, such as facial surveillance and object detection that integrates seamlessly with third-party data sources such as teller transaction, point-of-sale and access control systems.

About 3VR

3VR, Inc., the video intelligence company, enables organizations to search, mine and leverage video to bolster security, identify and mitigate fraud and better serve customers. 3VR’s Video Intelligence Platform allows video surveillance systems to reach their true potential and deliver a measurable and sustainable return on investment. 3VR is the video surveillance standard for hundreds of global customers, including leading banks, retailers, governments and law enforcement agencies and owns CrimeDex, an online community of more than 600,000 fraud, loss prevention and law enforcement professionals dedicated to stopping crime. Based in San Francisco, CA, the company is privately held with funding from DAG Ventures, Focus Ventures, In-Q-Tel, Kleiner Perkins Caulfield & Buyers, Menlo Ventures and VantagePoint Ventures. 3VR’s SmartRecorder is the three-time winner of the SIA Best New Video Product Award and was named Security Product of the Year from Frost & Sullivan in 2006 and 2007, among other awards. For more information, please visit www.3vr.com.


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