April 8, 2011

Sony To Add Streaming Music To PSP

Sony Corp.'s PlayStation Portable (PSP) will have the capability to stream music beginning April 14, the AFP news agency reports.

The service will be named Music Unlimited and will be powered by Qriocity, which is a subsidiary of Sony Music Entertainment specializing in streaming music, games, e-books and video on demand services.

The Music Unlimited service can already stream music to your PC along with many other Sony devices including newer model Bravia televisions, Blu-ray disk players and PlayStation 3 videogame consoles.

"PSP owners can also enjoy a common and synchronized music experience on their PS3 systems as well as PCs and other network-enabled Sony devices without the need to manage or transfer music files," Sony explained in a release.

Sony charges a $3.99 monthly subscription fee for basic Music Unlimited service, which offers commercial free listening. PSP devices will connect with Music Unlimited wirelessly using internet wifi hotspots to access the streaming music.

Sony's Music Unlimited jumps into a growing pool of other music streaming services with various pros and cons to each and most are available on various handheld devices.

Grooveshark lets you search for music and build a playlist as soon as the site loads. One of Grooveshark's most unique features is that if you can't find a song or artist you love, you can upload the music from your own collection to build the Grooveshark database.

Spotify, although not yet available in the US due to licensing issues with the music industry, is being currently under negotiation. Spotify allows collaboration with other music lovers and easy sharing of playlists using the service. A premium account adds more features.

Pandora, known for its ease of use and its massive database of attributes generated by the Music Genome Project. Pandora is very well received for its relevant music suggestions and playing similar artists along with your suggestions.

Long-rumored but very likely on the way very soon is streaming capability coming from Apple's iTunes. Details are still unclear but Apple has the infrastructure and audience in place to deliver streaming media to your handheld device.


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