April 14, 2011

Google And Bing Gain Search Market Share

Once again Google is ahead, this time as leader in the U.S. explicit core search market with 65.7% of the market shares, reports industry tracker comScore. This is up 0.3% points.

Yahoo places second with 15.7%, with Microsoft's Bing in third place at 13.9% of the market shares "“ up 0.3% points as well.

This is followed by Ask Network, accounting for 3.1% of explicit core searches and AOL, Inc. with 1.6%.

"Explicit Core Search" excludes contextually driven searches that do not reflect specific user intent to interact with the search results, according to comScore.

ComScore reports that there were more than 16.9 billion explicit core searches conducted by Internet users in March.

Out of the 16.9 billion searches, the breakdown of the number of searches at each site are as follows: Google Sites ranked first with 11.1 billion searches, Yahoo! Sites had 2.7 billion, Microsoft Sites received 2.4 billion, Ask Network was used 520 million times and AOL, Inc. rounded out the top five with 272 million.

The tracking company also recorded the number of U.S. total core search, which comScore describes as "based on the five major search engines, including partner searches, cross-channel searches and contextual searches."

The company did not include searches for mapping, local directory, and user-generated video sites that are not on the core domain of the five search engines.

64.1% of total core search queries were conducted on Google Sites, with Yahoo! Sites next with 18.0% followed by Microsoft Sites with 13.6%. 2.8% belonged to Ask Network and AOL, Inc. left with 1.4% of the core search.

That means, out of the 18.9 billion total core search queries conducted by American in March, Google Sites ranked first with 12.1 billion searches, Yahoo! Sites received 3.4 billion and Microsoft Sites had 2.6 billion queries.

Google powers Internet searches on its sites as well as branded searches at AOL and Ask, while Bing is powered by searches conducted at Microsoft entities as well as branded Yahoo! entities.

Therefore, in terms of organic search results "powered by", March saw Google at 68.2% of the shares and Bing with 26.4% of the results.


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