April 14, 2011

83.5% Of Internet Users Watched Videos Online In March

ComScore reported on Wednesday that 83.5 percent of U.S. Internet users viewed video content during the month of March.

There were over 5.7 million viewing sessions recorded in March and the average U.S. Internet user watched around 14.8 hours of online video content during the month.

ComScore said in its report that Google site YouTube retained its position as the top video content property in March with 143.2 million viewers.

Google sites recorded the highest number of viewing sessions and had the highest time spent per viewer.

AOL Inc. jumped up five places from 38.8 million viewers and 7th place in February to second place and 57.0 million viewers in March.  AOL was followed by Yahoo! Sites with 56.4 million viewers, Microsoft sites with 53.1 million viewers, and VEVO with 52.6 million viewers.

Facebook.com dropped from fourth place in February with 46.7 million viewers to sixth place in March with 48.8 million viewers.

ComScore said that in March, "the duration of the average online content video was 5.2 minutes, while the average online video ad was 0.4 minutes."

Google is planning to invest $100 million to building its own premium content and its YouTube Live channel.


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