April 15, 2011

Runa Capital Invests $1M in Russian Browser Apps Builder

MOSCOW, April 15, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Runa Capital, a Russian seed-stage
Venture Capital firm, today announced its third investment; in Metabar
(http://www.metabar.ru), a free platform that automates the process of
creating browser-based applications. The platform is the first of its kind
designed specifically to help increase web traffic and brand loyalty for
Russian-based internet sites.

According to Michael Ushakov, CEO at Metabar: "The Russian internet today
includes hundreds of sites that attract a million plus visitors. Metabar's
team has extensive experience of this market and the resources needed target
these websites. Our platform allows website owners to quickly offer
applications that can transform casual visitors into regular audiences."

The Metabar platform is designed specifically for ease-of-use, which
means no programming or development skills are required. In just a few
clicks, any website owner can quickly create a browser-based application, add
content from the site including news, instant notifications or even games;
and start promoting it to their users. The application sits in a users'
browser as a toolbar continuously extracting information from the main site
and can also give access to popular search engines. In fact, by offering
these search engine capabilities, website owners can also enter into an
advertising revenue share model with Metabar.

"The Russian internet market is growing rapidly, with approximately 50
million users today, and a predicted 60-80 million in three years. The online
advertising market alone was worth approximately $1 billion in 2010," said
Dmitry Chikhachev, managing partner of Runa Capital. "Metabar's business
model is similar to California-based Conduit.com with revenue coming via
advertising searches. However, Metabar is the first to offer these
capabilities in the Russian market. The investment from Runa represents
another major step toward realizing our ambition of helping Russian and
CIS-based technology talent reach the global stage."

Metabar has been open for beta-testing since Autumn 2010 and has been
downloaded by tens of thousands of users. Metabar's partners include hundreds
of Russian web-sites, some of them from noticeable brands such as
Vedomosti.ru (a leading daily Russian business publication and partner of Dow
Jones and the Financial Times), KP.ru (Komsomolskaya Pravda, the leading
Russian tabloid) and Kupivip.ru (the leading Russian online shopping club
similar to Gilt.com).

About Runa Capital:

Runa Capital is an early stage venture capital fund established to pursue
opportunities in the rapidly growing areas of Cloud Computing, Internet and
Mobile Applications. Founded by Serguei Beloussov, chairman of Parallels
(http://www.parallels.com) and Acronis (http://www.acronis.com), Runa Capital
is run by a team of successful entrepreneurs, most of whom have worked
together for over 15 years. It is a united team with broad geographical and
cross-industry experience, as well as an extensive professional network. Runa
Capital investment team members possess an excellent track record in tech

Runa Capital's investment strategy focuses on early stage opportunities
in Russia, where the venture capital is scarce and deal flow abundant, as
well as Russian tech teams abroad. The key execution point is to select
promising teams and drive and support them in the global marketplace, turning
them into international champions.

SOURCE Runa Capital