April 17, 2011

Manila Authorities Post Pics Of Bad Drivers Online

Manila authorities are posting pictures of vehicles that speed on a website in an attempt to stop drivers from breaking the law.

The images are designed to shame or even scare people into better driving.  They will be posted alongside a listing of the speed of the vehicles and the time and date the photographs were taken.

The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority website shows cars, vans and buses with license plates visible as they are caught by anti-speeding cameras.

Francis Tolentino, the chairman of the authority, said the pictures were part of a new automated system where drivers are sent their speeding tickets later rather than being apprehended on the scene.

"Once captured by our cameras, there is no escape," Tolentino said in a statement.

He said that over 7,000 drivers have been caught on camera and sent tickets for exceeding the 38-mile-per-hour speed limit at that part of the metropolis.

He said that there has been a drop in the number of accidents on the highway as a result.

The new system is only enforced along the 7-mile Commonwealth Avenue stretch.

Tolentino said that he is considering another spot for the system on other major highways.


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