Introducing GrowsUp.com: A One-Stop Destination for Unique New Baby & Kids’ Brands Online

April 18, 2011

SAN FRANCISCO, April 18, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Grows Up (www.growsup.com) today announced its official launch as an online destination for moms to find the best new brands for baby and children’s products, all in one place. Grows Up works directly with mompreneurs and other smart, innovative, growing businesses – bringing them together on a single platform that makes shopping for kids easier than ever. Moms, dads, grandparents, friends, aunts, uncles, and more can now go to Grows Up to browse thousands of unique and high-quality products, from furniture and baby gear to toys, clothes, and more.

Just in time for spring holidays, summer birthday parties, back-to-school, and more, Grows Up is the perfect resource to find exactly what you need for any child, at any age, as they grow. Designed with busy moms in mind, the site features intuitive search capabilities to zero in on products by gender, age, or category. Add a profile, and Grows Up’s proprietary recommendation engine can provide personalized shopping recommendations that grow with your kids. Quick-shop gift guides also offer creative gift ideas for holidays and special occasions. Everything on the site ships for a convenient flat rate, with free shipping for orders over $150.

A veteran of the technology and e-commerce industries, Grows Up founder Stephanie Robesky spent years watching new startups overlook a key audience: moms. “This kind of specialty, vertical marketplace was made famous by Etsy for the handmade set, and has since been followed by similar sites for gourmet food, natural products, and more. But there was still nothing for moms, who are one of the most influential and social buying audiences on the web,” said Robesky. “At the same time, there has been an explosion of mompreneurs and other growing businesses creating amazing products these moms are looking to buy, but lack the resources to reach them.” Working with a team of other moms and aunts with similarly savvy tech backgrounds, Robesky launched Grows Up to bring these two groups together online.

For vendors, Grows Up offers a cost-effective, no-risk opportunity to increase exposure and attract shoppers, with no listing fees or other administrative costs. Every brand has its own “boutique” on the site, where it can showcase its product line and share its story to make a personal connection to every shopper. Vendors ship their own products directly to consumers, while leveraging a range of supporting resources from Grows Up including web hosting, credit card processing, marketing, and more.

In the coming weeks and months, Grows Up will unveil a host of new features on the site, including a gift registry, rewards program, and more. First up: a highly interactive online community that’s fully integrated with Facebook and Twitter – giving moms one place to go where they can shop, talk, and vent all at once. Members of the Grows Up community can access a wide range of parenting resources, participate in weekly giveaways, track hot topics, interact with experts and fellow community members, share shopping tips and product suggestions, and more.

Grows Up launched with an initial round of seed funding, and is currently pursuing its Series A. More than 60 boutiques are now open on Grows Up, with more added each day. Visit www.GrowsUp.com to start shopping!

About Grows Up

Grows Up is an online destination for the best baby and kids’ boutiques – all in one place. Working directly with mompreneurs and other growing brands, Grows Up brings together the highest quality, most unique products for everything from furniture and baby gear to toys, books, clothes, and more. Designed with moms in mind, it’s the perfect resource to find exactly what you need for any child, at any age, as they grow – with intuitive search features, quick-shop gift guides, an interactive community of other moms, flat-rate shipping, and more. Hundreds of boutiques are now open on Grows Up, with thousands of new products being added each day. www.growsup.com


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