Catalyst X Media Officially Launches BidBullion.com

April 19, 2011

LONDON, April 19, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Catalyst X Media signed an operation, management and marketing contract with the founders of BidBullion.com this past week. The penny auction was virally brought to fame back in December of 2010 by the marketing person they hired, Troy James. The seasoned marketing specialist had contacted Max Keiser after an appearance on an episode of the Alex Jones show where Keiser launched a “Google Bomb” saying “Crash JP Morgan, Buy Silver.” James asked to use the broadcast journalist’s image and slogans for a limited edition pure silver bullion round. With Max’s approval, James tied the bullion and the penny auction together through his marketing efforts and sold out its first production round in three days. This also made Bid Bullion a very popular penny auction site over night without even being in operation.

With the overwhelming response to the customized bullion and all the inbound inquiries, it became quickly apparent that Bid Bullion’s operational structure at the time could not keep up with the demand. After a couple of months the start-up passed the sales and operations to the popular “Silver Keisers” back to the campaign’s designers Catalyst X Media and Black Creek Media to fulfill the order process and respond to customers. Following that, the penny auction’s founder Jeremy Hillsdon noticed that Catalyst X’s fast ability to respond and follow through with customers was well coordinated so he approached Catalyst X Media with a proposal to operate the struggling start up, which was accepted immediately by the marketing firm.

Catalyst X Media is officially launching www.BidBullion.com today at 5pm EST. To commemorate the occasion the management team will be giving 5 free bids to anyone who registers to try out the system for the next 5 days. “Bid Bullion is a penny auction website that will only feature products that have a store of value,” says Jason Springett from Catalyst X. Troy James, the marketer behind the madness was quoted as saying, “It makes sense that we have taken on this project entirely. I like the precious metals market and I plan to be here for a long time.” Precious metals, primarily gold and silver, have been in the spotlight since late last summer and more and more people have been taking an interest in these metals due to an uncertain economic future.

Silver is up over 200% from the previous year and auction seekers have a chance at winning bullion and fine art for pennies on the dollar. The key to being successful on the auction site is to be the last participant on the bid. BidBullion.com plans to be available for operations globally and will ship to most of the countries around the World. Anyone wishing to find out more is encouraged to visit www.BidBullion.com.

Catalyst X Media specializes in viral marketing campaigns and strategies.

Website: http://CatalystXMedia.com

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