April 20, 2011

Tablet Market To Grow Even More Through 2015

The tablet computer market, although still in its infancy, is expected to grow to a $49-billion worldwide business by 2015, according to research firm Strategy Analytics.

The tablet market will become the third largest consumer electronics sector, the firm said, forecasting as many as 149 million units sold in 2015, eight times the numbers sold in 2010. The top sectors now are televisions and personal computers.

"Tablets are a high-value casual-computing segment that is creating huge growth opportunities for major brands, such as Apple and Samsung," analyst Neil Mawston told Reuters.

According to research and advisory firm Gartner, however, forecasts are around 294 million units for 2015. Their estimate shows that market growth forecasts vary widely.

Apple's iPad, currently the market leader, is expected to continue its dominance for the next few years, with Samsung Electronics in second place, albeit only a fraction of the Apple tablet business.

The new iPad 2 has reportedly sold about a million in its first weekend on the US market last month. By comparison, Samsung may have sold the same number of its Galaxy Tabs in its first three months on the market.

Apple filed a lawsuit against Samsung Monday for tablet and smartphone patent infringements.


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